Navy Working Uniform - NWU Type I

Navy Working Uniform

The Navy Working Uniform Type I, known as "the blueberries" was a utility-style uniform constructed of 50/50 nylon cotton twill fabric. It is a four-color (deck gray, haze gray, black and Navy blue) digital pattern design.

The NWU Type I was no longer authorized as of late September, 2019.

Embedded throughout the fabric were miniaturized features of the inner emblem of the Navy flag with the letters “USN” directly beneath it. The emblem included an anchor, a three-masted square-rigged ship and an eagle.

The emblem was abbreviated as an “ACE,” which stands for anchor, US Constitution and eagle. An embroidered ACE was located on the wearer’s left breast pocket.

The NWU Type I was designed to accommodate male and female sailors and to fulfill multi-functional and geographical uniform requirements at sea and ashore in environments that do not require special or organizational clothing. The NWU Type I was intended for year-round wear and was the standard working uniform ashore.

Components of the uniform included: a unisex shirt and trousers, unisex eight-point cap, 9-inch leather safety boots, Navy blue undershirt and cotton or nylon web belt. Other components included a matching pattern GoreTex parka with black fleece liner, black knit watch cap and black sweater.

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