Produce your swimwear line in the USA

Create your swimwear with us.


We are a woman owned and operated business, based in Daytona Beach, Florida. We will guide you every step of the way as you begin your journey as a swimwear designer! Our years of experience in design and production will allow to turn your dream into a reality.


Full-Package or À La Carte.

Whether you have your line completely planned out or you are a one-person show, we can help you bring your dream to life. We will create a custom package of services based on your needs, resources, and goals for your apparel line.

White Label.

Like what you see? Use our selection of tried and true styles with your customized colors and/or prints to create a collection that is ready to sell under your own label. Be up and running in a shorter time frame, or simply supplement your original designs with these basics.

Uniforms and Teams.

Looking for custom uniforms for your pool servers, card dealers, lifeguards, wait staff or special event? Blue Sky can help. We can design according to your specs and color requirements, or custom design for your company or team, large or small. 



We are here to help you bring out your talent and start your own SWIMWEAR BRAND!
Choose from our large array of styles and fits, or send us your drawings or samples and we will create patterns specific to your designs. It’s that easy!

It's a perfect add on for stores looking to offer exclusive one of a kind designs to their customers. Or for those looking to start a new business venture.  We have also provided this service to many Hotels and Casinos who want to outfit their "team" in custom uniforms.  We call it "CUSTOM BRANDING" - you simply become the designer behind your own collection. This is your chance to use your creativity, business sense and talent. We help make it easy for you to start your own Collection without huge up front costs or design experience.

Established in 1995, we are one of the only swimwear apparel manufacturers in the USA that can help you with pattern-making, developing, grading, marking, sampling and production. We help make it affordable for you to start your business or to help with an existing one. We always use only the highest quality swimwear fabrics available in the industry, and can source an array of colors or help with custom prints.


1.  Send us pictures or sketches of the swimsuit styles you want to make. You can also choose from any styles on our website. If you have a sample of what you want made, that is the preferred way.  If would like to make any changes from a physical sample, just mail us the sample and explain how you would like it changed.  We will then send you a quote of estimated sample cost.

2. During this stage, we can email or video conference and discuss your ideas. You can choose from the many fabrics on our website to use in your collection or any solid color - (we can source colors and prints not shown on site once prototype is approved*). We will provide sample color swatches for you to approve prior to production. If you want a specific or even custom print, we can source that for you also.

3.  We can create as many style patterns as you like, but keep in mind, fees range from $350.00 to $450.00 for each sample prototype. This is a one time fee  and can vary depending on the detail involved.  After your first sample is made and approved, we can then do a time and stitch count and  give you a per piece price to cut and sew each item in your collection (including the cost for in-house fabric). Prices vary depending on the materials and accessories used.

4. Decide on what sizes you want to offer. There is a $35.00 fee to grade each size and produce each size pattern.
    Before production starts, all samples must be approved and fabric/trims in-house.

5.  The minimum quantity is 3 styles/24 pieces per style (12 per color- colors can be split across 2 colors /style) in whatever size breakdown you want. We can grade sizes XS thru 2X. Our most common breakdown is  2-S, 4-M, 4-L, 2-XL. We can adjust the breakdown based on your target customer. We want you to succeed, and this is where we differ tremendously from any other manufacturer. After choosing your size breakdown your new Collection will total 72 swimsuits.

6.   Delivery times can vary depending on the complexity of your collection, the time of year, and many other factors.

7. If you are interested in designing you own prints, we work with talented printers! Additional fees are required for custom designed prints. Also note we are not responsible for delays or errors out of our control when working with 3rd party vendors.

* extra fees may apply for sourcing and other additional requirements



Customers who want to launch their own SWIMWEAR COLLECTION tend to start off with about 6 to 10 different swimsuit styles. We suggest no less than 6 and not more than 10 designs but the final quantity will depend on your budget and business plan.Once you have your Collection of at least 72 suits you are ready to open up shop!


The costs can range from $300 to $450 depending on the complexity of the swimsuit. This can be a one piece or a bikini. You will receive 1 sample swimsuit prototype including 1 revision to the pattern. This sample is usually a size medium.


If we are making the pattern, sample suits usually take anywhere between 4-6 weeks, this can change depending on the time of year and complexity. Once you approve the prototype, we have to make sure all supplies are in house before production can begin. The swimwear is shipped from our Florida location.


The final costs of your collection depends on a number of factors. Are we just cutting and sewing? Are we providing all fabrics and trims? The cut and sew price point for a simple design is approximately $38.00 while the more complex styles can cost up to $75.00. Once we have determined the styles and quantities you want to move forward with, we can then give you a better idea of total price.Sourcing, development and/or consulting requires an upfront non refundable payment. This includes time spent setting up your account in our facility, training our sewers on your specific styles, continual correspondence and sourcing products exclusively for your collection.


You can choose any of the designs on our website. we can also print any over all design for you, but that entails an extra fee and may require more time. As for Solid colors, we can get almost any solid color you can think of. Extra fees apply. We also have access to accessory suppliers so if you have something custom you want to add we can help you find it. We use standard size tags for the inside of the suits, but if you want customized labels with your name those will have to be provided. Or we can source for you.


We keep all our patterns in our offices, all designs are our property, we do not sell, copy or share them with any other companies. Fabrics and/or patterns not in use after 6 months will be discarded or donated to a local technical college. If notified in writing that you would like us to store your fabrics or patterns longer, storage fees will be applied.


YES... If you'd like to develop your own fabric design you'll have to send us your designs in an .ai or photoshop file. Its an involved process and requires additional non refundable fees. Although we work with talented sublimator's , please understand that we are not responsible for delays or errors out of our control when working with 3rd parties.


We can source many swimwear fabrics such Nylon/Spandex Blends, poly blends, PFP fabrics linings, underwire, hooks, sliders, etc. We do require a fee for our time. After production, if you want the unused portion of your fabric it would be your responsibility to have it packed and shipped or picked up in the time frame stated above.


The biggest advantages people find working with us is: Our QUALITY and SERVICE is unsurpassed! That said....

1) We are very accessible and want you to succeed. You are able to save valuable time by going to one place instead of trying to find a good pattern maker, then another to grader and make markers, a cutting facility then a sample room.

2) We can produce garments in smaller quantities to suit your budgets.

3) We manufacture many types of swimwear styles in our facility.

4) We are easy to work with and want a lasting relationship with you. We take great pride in producing high quality swimwear.

5) We can also help you expand by offering cover ups and sarongs to match you new collection.

If you have any other questions or if you would like to set up a phone conversation to go over your needs please send us an email with . I would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

We reserve the right to evaluate and approve candidates on a case by case basis. We may request a non-refundable retainer and/or sourcing fee to set up your account. All work is paid upfront and is non refundable. This is simply to separate serious candidates from the not so serious.


We may  occasionally use 3rd parties to assist in the development of certain collections.  These terms and conditions may be updated on a regular basis.