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DoubleKing Tyre/Tire

Model No.︰ 175/70R13
Brand Name︰ DoubleKing
Country of Origin︰ China
Unit Price︰ -
Minimum Order︰ 1850 pc
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Product Description
Offering DoubleKing brand tyres/tires:

145/70R12  69T                           DK108
155/80R12  77S                           DK207
155/65R13  73H/T                       DK108
165/65R13  77S                           DK318
175/60R13  77T                            DK318
165/70R13  88S                            DK108
175/70R13  86S                            DK318
185/70R13  86T                            DK318
155/80R13  79S                            DK106
165/80R13  83T                            DK558
185/60R14  82H                            DK298
195/60R14  86H                            DK318
205/60R14  88H                            DK558
175/65R14  82H                            DK558
185/65R14  86H                            DK298
165/70R14  85T                             DK318
175/70R14  84H/T                         DK558 
185/70R14  88T                             DK318
195/70R14  91H                            DK318
205/70R14  95T                             DK308
185/80R14  91H/T                         DK558
195/50R15  82/86H                       DK558 
195/55R15  85H                             DK558
185/60R15  84H                             DK558
195/60R15  88H                             DK558
185/65R15  88H                             DK558
195/65R15  91H                             DK558
205/65R15  94/99H                       DK558
205/55R16  91V                             DK558
215/60R16  95/99H                       DK558
155R12C-8PR             88/86Q     DK207
155R13C-6PR             90/88Q     DK207
165R13C                      94/93Q      DK108
175R13-8PR                97/95Q      DK207
185R14C-8PR            102/100S   DK218
185R15C-8PR            103/102S   DK218
195R14C-8PR            106/104S   DK218
195R15C-8PR            106/104R   DK206
205R14C                     107/105R   DK218
215/70R15C-8PR      106/104S    DK868
LT235/75R15-10PR  106/104S    DK306
P215/75R15                100S            DK306
P225/75R15                102S            DK688
P235/75R15-10PR    105S            DK306  
500R12                         87/85P        DK205
550R12C                      92/90M        DK205
550R13C-12PR          97/95P        DK205 
650R16C-10PR         108/107N    DK208
700R16C-12PR         117/116N    DK208
750R16C-14PR         112/118L     DK208
ST205/75R14-6PR    100Q            DK688
ST205/75R15-6PR    101Q            DK688
ST225/75R15-8PR    113Q            DK688
ST235/80R16-10PR  123Q            DK688 

If you have any enquiry, welcome here. We will try our best to satisfy you well as your request.
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