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    FRANCE- Yssingeaux

    Sevarome's activities are centred around the creation and production of sweet food flavourings (vanilla, coffee, lemon, strawberry, spices, fruits, flowers, specialities), savoury food flavourings...

    Supplier of: Food and beverage additives | food additives | Food flavourings | Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial | Food - import-export [+] Dietary and organic foods | Gastronomic specialties | Ice cream and sorbets | Condiments, extracts and spices | Bread, cakes and pastries | Import-export - food and agriculture | Biscuits | Cocoa and chocolate | Dehydrated cooked dishes | Foods, precooked and gourmet

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    FRANCE- Capdenac Gare

    Founded in 1989, Laboratoire Nutergia specializes in helping people take care of their own body through healthy nutrition. Based in Aveyron, with over 200 employees contributing every day to the...

    Supplier of: food additives | Foods, health | Vitamins and provitamins | Food supplements | Pharmaceutical products [+] Phytotherapy products | Medicines, patent | Health and fitness | psychological and physical treatment for well-being | antioxidants | osteoarticular treatments | natural medicines | vitamins | health care | homoeopathic pharmaceutical laboratories

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    CZECH REP.- Praha

    HexaGROUP was set up by French entrepreneurs in 2016. We provide: - two distinct distribution solutions for CBD- and hemp-based products: HexaCBD for B2C and HexaPartners for B2B. - our own brands of...

    Supplier of: food additives | Oils, nonfood | Beauty creams | Cosmetics | cosmetic oils [+] hemp | vegetarian cream | natural cosmetic products | food capsules | cbd | cbd wholesaler | cbd oils | cbd tablets | e-liquids | cbd e-liquids

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    FRANCE- Grasse

    ...colourings, aromas for e-liquids, as well as additives and other texturising agents. We supply distributors for bakeries, cake shops, ice cream parlours, caterers, restaurants and manufacturers who have trusted us over...

    Supplier of: Food and beverage additives | Food flavourings | Extracts, food | organic flavourings | manufacturer of food aromas [+] manufacturer of natural aromas | powder flavourings | synthetic flavours | liquid food-grade flavouring | food aroma powder | professional-grade flavourings | liquid flavourings | natural flavours | organic flavours | flavourings

    • Additives and texturisers Additives and texturisers
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  • ACT has been successfully selling a steadily increasing number of raw materials of the highest certified quality for 30 years. Founded in 1985 in Hamburg by Dr. Ramin Ghaffari, ACT is now a growing...

    Supplier of: feed additives | additives | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products | Vitamins and provitamins [+] additives for the foodstuffs industry | vanillin | flavourings | ascorbic acid | amino-acids | vitamins | acidifier | amino acid | amino acids - peptides | vegetable extracts

    • Neohesperidin
    • Stevia Extracts & Blends
    • Erythritol / Organic Erythritol
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    AUSTRIA- Wien

    ...selection, we can offer innovative products in addition to classic raw materials. These correspond to current trends such as protein enrichment, clean label, salt reduction, recipes without palm oil, mineral enrichment, etc. With...

    Supplier of: Condiments, extracts and spices | Honey | powdered milk | amino-acids | flavourings [+] dyes | phosphates | vitamins | animal feed additives | starches and saccharification products | gelling agents, thickening agents | organic acids (citrates, lactates) | cocoa products, chocolate | fruit extracts | mineral enrichment (magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc)

    • Oat Fiber with high Beta Glucan
    • Oat Protein
    • Rice Protein
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    RUSSIA- Moscow

    We, VTF-AKVION Group, are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of natural and unique products for healthy living. We develop and market unique products for healthy lifestyle. All products...

    Supplier of: food additives | Phytotherapy products | Vitamins and provitamins | Food supplements | Beauty products [+] Cosmetics | Pharmaceutical products | Medicines | functional foods | vitamin supplements | antiseptics | antioxidants | natural product | vitamins | workshop preparations

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    SOUTH KOREA- Seongnae-Ro 6-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul

    Since it's creation in 1996, ECPlaza has grown as a N.1 leader in providing online and offline service. Based on export marketing, we operate not only as a B2B website, EDI service and trade...

    Supplier of: Agriculture - import-export | Make-up | Beauty products | Cosmetics | Skin-care products [+] Bags | Textile - import-export | E-business - services | Leather Goods | Tools & Hardware | construction material | electronics | accessories for pets | packing | household appliance

    • Master's Grain Syrup 1.2kg
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    AUSTRIA- Gmünd

    AGRANA manufactures top-notch starch products using modern and environmentally-sensitive methods. The raw materials: corn, potatoes and wheat. The result: top-quality starch products for...

    Supplier of: Starch, industrial | organic starch | modified starch | ethanol | potato starch [+] corn flours | corn meal for zootechnics | organic animal feed | thickening agents for the food processing industry | animal feed | thickening agents for the cosmetics industry | excipients | organic products | chemical products for the textile auxiliary industry | ingredients for baker

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  • 16 countries. Products offered range from additives, waxes, resins and plastics of all kinds, through pigments and special chemicals right up to additives for the food and animal feed industry. As a...

    Supplier of: additives | Resins | building chemicals | carnauba wax | ascorbic acid [+] corrosion inhibitors | food ingredients | glycerol | vitamins | solvents | elastomers | chemical retailer | speciality chemicals | thickeners | polyvinyl alcohol

    • Xyloses
    • Thickening Agents
    • Gelatine
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    GERMANY- Wittenburg

    SternMaid, based in Wittenburg (Northern Germany), is a company of the owner-managed and international operating Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. Established in 1999, we process around 50, 000 tons of powdered...

    Supplier of: food additives | Packers - companies | Foods - sports | driers for the chemical industry | bottling [+] bottling machines | gravelling | chipping machines | integrators | services and activities for the pharmaceutical industry | drying cyclones | coating | packaging | packaging for foods | packaging to order

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    GERMANY- Offenburg

    Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH Offenburg has many years of experience in the spray drying sector. We have been active as a contract manufacturer and reliable partner for renowned companies from the food and...

    Supplier of: Additives, food | Food supplements | food industry | additives for the foodstuffs industry | milk derivatives [+] powdered milk | dried cream | contract manufacturing of raw materials in powder form | commissioned manufacturing of medicines | commissioned manufacturing of dietary supplements | spray dryer | contracted drying | spray drying | contract manufacturing of raw materials in powder form | contract manufacturing of medicines

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    BELGIUM- Tamines

    As part of a scientific approach, a new range of probiotics and symbiotics focusses on current world health issues. Probiotics are very useful micro-organisms which restore the oral, intestinal and...

    Supplier of: food additives | Food supplements | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Pharmaceutical products [+] online sales of food supplements | pharmacy laboratories | wholesale of pharmaceutical products | vitamins | manufacturer of probiotics | food supplements to boost immunity | health supplements to boost the immune system | manufacturer of private label food supplements | own-brand food supplements | manufacturer of prebiotics

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    FRANCE- Paris

    IF YOU LIKE SPIRULINA, YOU'LL LOVE PHYCOCYANIN! ! ! Cellugreen is a French brand concerned with 100% quality natural organic and vegan products. Phycocyanin, nicknamed "blue gold" is form spirulina....

    Supplier of: food additives | Health and fitness | edible seaweed | natural product | antistress treatment [+] weight loss | algae-based treatment | sale of natural products | antioxidants | wellness products | spirulina algae | phycocyanin | inulin | vegan | celluboost

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    RUSSIA- Khimki

    The group of companies "Innovanta" holds 40% of the special food market share in Russia and offers clinical and dietary nutrition, which has been proven to be efficient and safe in clinical studies....

    Supplier of: Additives, food | Protein additives | Food and beverage additives | Baby foods | Foods - sports [+] Vitamins and provitamins | Food supplements | Dietary and organic foods | vitamin supplements | milk flour for toddlers | diet aids | treated feeds | foodstuffs | dietetic foods | proteins

    • Functional drinks Sentastiq Functional drinks for beauty and health Sentastiq
    • Protein mix ProZOZH Protein mix ProZOZH for food enrichment
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    GERMANY- Stuttgart

    About Budwerk: Budwerk, the German cannabis farm and factory. We offer our customers and partners high-quality CBD products manufactured by us. Whether untreated CBD flowers, CBD pollinates, CBD...

    Supplier of: Additives, food | hemp | cbd | cbg | cbd oils [+] cbd liquids | cbd manufacture | cbd extraction | cbd flowers | cbd pollinates | cbd products | cbd cultivation | cbd plants | cbd germany | cbg flowers

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  • SoleilFOOD is a family-run company with the main task of serving the gastronomy industry, especially oriental cuisine. We have specialised in particular delicacies and offer our customers first-class...

    Supplier of: food additives | Food - import-export | Vegetables, dried | Spices | Dried fruits [+] Rice | dried fruit | delicatessen products | chick-peas | beans | popcorn | sunflower seed | pumpkin seeds | pistachios | pepper

    Brands : SoleilFOOD

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    AUSTRIA- Suben

    Personal consultation. Our team are happy to advise you on your project. Ordering service. Is what you're looking for not listed on our online shop? No problem! Comprehensive range. We assemble a...

    Supplier of: Additives, food | hemp | organic food supplements | vegetable extracts | organic foods [+] vegetable products | gem derivatives | cbd flowers | cbd oils | cbd drops | greenhouse equipment | led lighting systems | cbd crystals | hemp oil | hemp infusions

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    RUSSIA- Izhevsk

    ...additives and ingredients for the food industry (food gel colors, natural food colors) under the brand KREDA. Food colors are used for the coloring of foodstuffs and beverages, confectionery products,...

    Supplier of: Food and beverage additives | Additives, food | additives for the food processing industry | additives, colourings and pigments for food preparations | Food supplements [+] Food - import-export | natural food colourings | additives for the foodstuffs industry | baking ingredients | ingredients for the food industry | natural dyes | natural colouring agents for the food and preservation industries | functional foods | food ingredients | food ingredients for precooked meals

    • Glossy paint for decoration Kreda Glosser
    • Food dye Kreda Shimmer, shimmery paint for decoration
    • Food dye Kreda Mist airbrush paint for decoration
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    RUSSIA- Moscow

    LEOVIT Nutrio is a research and production company, manufacturer of dietary and organic foods, food supplements, sports nutrition, developer of therapeutic and preventive nutrition, and diets. The...

    Supplier of: Food and beverage additives | Additives, food | food additives | Food supplements | Dietary and organic foods [+] Foods - sports | low-calorie diet food | vegetarian first courses | vitamin supplements | healthy meal | diet aids | wholesale diet foods | slimming supplement | healthy and natural food | ingredients for the food industry

    • Natural linseed porridge Sachet 30 g
    • Neutral Gastric Jelly Sachet 20 g or 400 g
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    SWITZERLAND- Embrach

    Wholesale for CBD flowers, CBD biomass, CBD isolates and CBD pollinates based in Zurich, Switzerland. Everything from a single source – that is our promise to customers. From quality control, through...

    Supplier of: Additives, food | hemp | hemp - plants | cbd flowers | cbd biomass [+] cbd isolates | cbd pollinates | hemp products | cbd products | cbd products | hemp products

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    UKRAINE- Rivne

    Slado is a company that was able to launch handmade into mass confectionery production, by producing a high quality and natural product. "Slado" is a Ukrainian company specializing in the...

    Supplier of: Food and beverage additives | Additives, food | additives, colourings and pigments for food preparations | Confectionary | Biscuit making [+] Food flavourings | Bread, cakes and pastries | food decorations | wedding cake decorations | cake decorations | semi-finished pastry products | supplies for the pastry-making industry | preserves and food extracts | moulds, confectionery industry | flavourings for the confectionery industry

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  • Our mission. We as Revilium are constantly improving our products, in order to market authentic and high-quality natural products. When doing so, fair price and high quality is our top priority, so...

    Supplier of: food additives | natural additives for the food and canning industry | Cosmetics | hemp spun yarns and threads | hemp seed oil [+] organic products | food ingredients | integrators | organic food supplements | feed integrators for animals | cbd flowers | cbd oils | cbd drops | hemp oil | food supplements

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  • Dr. Paul Lohmann® is a medium-sized, owner-managed manufacturer and developer of mineral salts based in Emmerthal. The product portfolio comprises over 400 different Salts, from Aluminium to Zinc, in...

    Supplier of: Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Salt, industrial | mineral salts | iron [+] zinc | magnesium | copper

    • Sodium Succinate 6-hydrate
    • Magnesium Citrate Malate
    • Zinc Bisglycinate
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    B&Z COSMETICS EUROPE V.O.F is a leading Dutch distributor of branded cosmetics and fragrances. We specialize in clearance, surplus, end of lines and regular stock. Thanks to our years of experience,...

    Supplier of: Cosmetics | Make-up articles | Skin-care products | Perfume | Beauty creams [+] Beauty care - equipment | Cosmetic brushes | make-up | natural cosmetics | body perfumes and creams | natural perfumes | lipsticks | lip gloss | body care - products | body creams

    • Soda Ash Dense Soda Ash Dense
    • Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade 99.9% Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade 99.9%
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    LITHUANIA- Vilnius is a B2B pharmaceutical marketplace that connects pharmaceutical manufacturers with buyers around the globe. For platform buyers ─ distributors, sales and marketing...

    Supplier of: Protein additives | Additives, food | Food and beverage additives | Pharmaceutical products | Pharmaceuticals – import-export [+] Biotechnologies | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals | Medicines, patent | Medicine - basic products and additives | Serums and vaccines | Food supplements | Vitamins and provitamins | Foods, health | Sports foods

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  • The vocation of Food Ingredients Technologies lies in creating and manufacturing bespoke food aromas and flavourings to make and transform recipes. The heart of our business is harmonising our...

    Supplier of: Additives, food | Food and beverage additives | Condiments, extracts and spices | Food flavourings | Extracts, food [+] Food essences | natural flavouring fish | natural flavouring for the cake making industry | meat flavouring | fruit flavouring | spices for food | creation of flavourings | flavouring for cooked dishes | natural aromas for dairy products | aromas and essences for the confectionery industry

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    BELGIUM- Nivelles

    Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques Trenker is a family business founded in 1933 by Rodolphe Henri Trenker. The company produces and distributes medicines, dietary supplements and high-quality medical...

    Supplier of: food additives | Pharmaceutical products | Medicines | Pharmaceuticals – import-export | pharmacy laboratories [+] antioxidants | slimming supplement | dermatological pharmaceutical products | omega 3 manufacturer | dietary supplements for children | health supplements | manufacturer of antibiotics | dietary supplements for deficiencies | hair vitamins | health supplements to boost the immune system

    Brands : ORTHONAT Nutrition | Trenker Nutrition | Bioléine | Imutis

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    FRANCE- Lardier Et Valença

    A manufacturing laboratory specialised in fresh, organic plant extracts from French plants, Laboratoire Acanthis makes its know-how available to companies to develop their made-to-measure range of...

    Supplier of: food additives | cosmetic additives | Herbs for medicines and cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products | Extracts for pharmaceutical preparations [+] Extracts, food | medicinal plant extracts | organic food supplements | essential oils | fresh plant-based oily macerate | organic plant extracts | organic gemmotherapy | dry food extracts | aqueous cosmetic extracts | bee products

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    FRANCE- Saint-Bonnet De Rochefort

    In 2017, the company changed its name to PILEJE INDUSTRIE and demonstrated that it is possible to smoothly combine in-depth knowledge of botanical properties and probiotics with the ability to...

    Supplier of: food additives | Phytotherapy products | nutrients | vegetable products | phytotherapy laboratory [+] beauty slimming - fitness health | micronutrition | probiotics | nutraceutical products | phytonutrition | plant-based ingredients | plant extraction | aqueous solution | analytical techniques | biotransformation

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