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Power Stations

Solar Panels






Power Calculator Tool


Input what you are planning to power and the calculator will estimate how much battery capacity remaining your Arc Power Station will have. You also have the option to add solar recharging to see how that will affect your runtime as well.

Calculate Power Needs

Arc Power Stations


Arc3 and Arc5 Lithium portable power stations bring the wall plug with you and keep it going off-grid. Camping, RV’ing, backup power and whatever else life throws your way. Pick it up and go, no gas, no noise, no emissions.

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Arc Solar


The Arc Solar 120 panel harnesses the power of the sun for clean, zero emissions power. it's built to power your Arc3 or Arc5 power station and devices wherever the sun shines! Off-grid, overlanding, emergency backup, camping, whatever your adventure is.

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Accessories & Cables


Genuine Arc MC4, extension and parallel cables ensure seamless plug-and-play compatibility throughout the Arc Lineup.

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Power Your Electronics Anywhere

Bunny Powered


We wanted to create a portable power source that’s easy to use, recharges via solar panels, silent, emission free, small enough fit into a backpack or on a shelf at home but powerful enough to run serious devices like a TV, CPAP machine or electric cooler. Versatile portable power wherever life takes you.