Matelec’s package substations are pre-fabricated units which include an integrated distribution transformer, MV and LV switchgear, power factor improvement equipment, control and protection panels and accessories such as street lighting circuits. These ready to use, easy to install metallic kiosks are utilized to expand and stabilize the MV/LV network.

Matelec’s annual production capacity stands at 1,200 units/ year.

Metallic housing or skid base

Type Steel or Aluminum including three compartments (MV, LV, Transformer) Option: Thermal insulation
Medium Voltage SF6 Ring Main Unit or Modular units switchgears (Air or SF6 puffered)
Low Voltage Included in a separate compartment Designed according to customer requirements
Transformer 50kVA to 2500kVA Up to 36kV (up to 24 kV for the skid type)

Integrated compact transformer

Type The transformer and all corresponding electrical components are integrated in the same enclosure
Medium Voltage Switch disconnectors and protection equipment are immersed in oil and integrated in the transformer tank
Low Voltage Low voltage panel is mounted on the transformer tank
Transformer 50kVA to 1000kVA up to 24kV