Power Connectors

Molex's diverse selection of power connectors offers current ratings of up to 350.0A per circuit in a multitude of sizes to fit most applications across various industries

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Current up to 5.0A

Mini50 Connection Systems

The smallest-to-date automotive-grade sealed system in the industry, as well as the only receptacle offering a IP68-equivalent rating adhering to USCAR specifications

3.0A 4 - 38 2.00mm View See parts

Standard .062"+ and Standard .062" Pin and Socket Connector Systems

Provides a wide range of options including free-hanging or panel-mount housings and 18-30 AWG terminals

5.0A 1 - 36 3.68mm View See parts

Current up to 15.0A

RAST Connector System

The UL-94V0-rated, Glow-Wire-compatible RAST Connector System family delivers a range of current ratings to offer design flexibility for a variety of home appliance and automotive lighting applications

6.0A 2 - 16 2.50mm View See parts

KK 396 Connector System

Delivering 7.0.0A and 600V per circuit in an industry-standard 3.96mm pitch, power application; ideal for low- to mid-power W-to-B and B-to-B applications

7.0A 2 - 24 3.96mm View See parts

Nano-Fit Power Connectors

The smallest to-date, fully isolated header that meets customers’ power needs while providing protection for the terminals in a small package

8.0A 2 - 16 2.50mm View See parts

Ditto Wire-to-Wire Interconnects

A genderless, 2.50mm pitch, single-terminal-and-housing connector system that reduces inventory, tooling and setup costs for low-power applications

8.0A 2 - 8 2.50mm View See parts

Micro-Fit Connector System

Offers premium housing features to prevent mis-mating, reduce terminal backout, reduce operator fatigue during assembly and aid in blind-mating applications

8.5A 4 - 24 3.00mm View See parts

H-DAC 64 Unsealed Connector System

Provides the smallest-in-class features while meeting USCAR performance requirements, these scoop-proof connectors offer more space and cost savings than unsealed, USCAR Class 2 competing equivalents

11.0A 3 - 24 2.54, 4.60mm View See parts

KK Plus Connector System

Offers keying options to ensure proper mating. It also provides terminal position assurance (TPA) to prevent terminal back-out

11.0A 2 - 8 3.96mm View See parts

Micro-Fit+ Connector System

Provides increased current capability compared to other connectors, as well as reducing the mating force by 40%

13.0A 2 - 24 3.00mm View See parts

Mini-Fit Family Power Connectors

Mini-Fit Jr. and Mini-Fit Plus Power Connectors deliver up to 9.0A and 13.0A respectively, while blind-mating, terminal position assurance and backshell options offer a versatile connector system for a wide range of applications

13.0A 2 - 24 4.20mm View See parts

Ultra-Fit Power Connectors

A 3.50mm pitch power connector that supports 14.0A and reduces terminal backout with low mating force; ideal for high-circuit application

14.0A 2 - 16 3.50mm View See parts

Standard .093" Pin and Socket Connectors

Reliable, economical, high-power interconnect system

14.0A 1 - 15 5.03 - 6.70mm View See parts

VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector System

Provides a robust, flexible all-in-one power / signal connector system that can deliver up to 600V and 14.0A

14.0A 1 - 9 6.20 - 8.90mm View See parts

Current up to 25.0A

Sabre Power Connector

The Sabre system is a robust power connector supplying up to 18.0A for high current applications.

18.0A 2 - 8 7.50mm View See parts

MLX Power Connectors

6.35mm pitch, 2.13mm diameter pin and socket power connector system. Also includes MLX Ground Block System to centralize electrical ground wiring.

20.0A 1 - 15 6.35mm View See parts

Current 26.0A and above

Mega-Fit Power Connectors

Providing more power per linear and square millimeter than most mid-range power connectors in the industry

26.0A 2 - 12 5.70mm View See parts

EXTreme LPHPower Connectors

Designed with power blades parallel to the PC board, this connector is a mixed, high-current power and signal connector system that picks up where traditional connectors leave off.

30.0A 2 - 54 7.50mm View See parts

Stac64 Single, Multi-Pocket and Hybrid Header System

Offers single- and multi-bay header solutions to maximize design fexibility in unsealed applications

30.0A 8 - 80 2.54 - 5.25mm View See parts

Super Sabre Connector System

Provides a variety of power and power/signal options that are designed to carry 34.0A per blade in a space-saving, high-density, low-cost system

34.0A 2 - 8 7.50mm View See parts

MultiCat Power Connectors with Precision-Machined Contacts

A high-powered W-to-W and W-to-B connector with a locking mechanism that is both compact and lightweight, easing design constraints

40.0A 4 6.83mm, 7.40mm View See parts

Micro Power Distribution Box (μPDB) Sealed Modules

A fully integrated, sealed module that delivers a small footprint, modular design, and significant cost savings compared to standard auxiliary boxes and other methods

40.0A 8 3.50mm View See parts

EXTreme PowerEdge Connectors

Can be combined (stacked end-to-end) to mate with multiple busbar tabs or card edges up to 203.2mm for power distribution applications

40.0A 4 - 32 15.00mm View See parts

Mini-Fit Sr. Power Connectors

High-power connector system available in silver and gold, capable of handling up to 50.0A on a 2-circuit, 8 AWG housing

50.0A 2 - 14 10.00mm View See parts

EXTreme Ten60 High-Power Connectors

The addition of wire-to-board and wire-to-panel connectors provide greater design flexibility to meet a wide range of power and signal requirements

60.0A 1 - 81 10.00mm View See parts

EXTreme Guardian System

Exceed high-current and reliability demands with a lower cost solution featuring a small centerline

80.0A 2 - 6 11.00mm View See parts

EXTreme EnergetiC High-Current Connector System

Maximum power per linear inch, up to 100.0A per bay blade, ideal for next-generation computing applications

100.0A 27 - 31 2.00, 6.50, 7.65mm View See parts

EXTreme PowerMass High-Current Connectors

High-current, custom configurable, high-power, board-to-board connector system delivering up to 350.0A per inch

150.0A 1 - 64 1.60 - 7.50mm View See parts

PowerPlane Busbar Power Connectors

Deliver high-current performance along with various configurations and feature options, making them applicable for a wide range of power-distribution applications

320.0A 1 View See parts

FiT Connectors

FiT Family Power Connectors

Molex FiT Family power connectors provide design engineers with fully protected header terminals in a small package using cutting-edge designs that ensure long-term reliability.

26.0A 2 - 24 2.50 - 5.70mm View See parts


MX120G Sealed Connectors

A pre-assembled solution that features an independent locking mechanism with an audible click to confirm terminals are correctly locked into position

10.0A 12 3.20mm View See parts

MX64 Sealed Connectors

Designed with USCAR interface, to withstand vibration and temperatures up to 125˚C and are approved by IEC for use with LED modules

10.0A 2 - 8 2.54mm View See parts

MXP120 Sealed Connector System

A scoop-proof, high-performance, 1.20mm sealed connection system that offers superior mating, sealing and ergonomics

13.0A 2 - 6 4.00mm View See parts

MX150L Industrial Sealed Connector System

A pre-assembled, submersible system that exceeds IEC IP67 requirements, designed for commercial-vehicle, marine and other harsh environments

18.0A 2 - 16 5.84mm View See parts

MX150 Sealed and Unsealed Connector System

An environmentally sealed, submersible product family that withstands harsh conditions.

22.0A 0 - 20 3.50mm View See parts

MX123 Sealed Connection System

This high-performance connection system meets or exceeds USCAR-2 class 3 performance criteria while surpassing performance of most mature products in the market

25.0A 49 - 80 2.54mm View See parts

CMC and CMX Sealed, Hybrid, Modular Connectors

An IP6K9k sealed, modular, high-density and hybrid connection system developed specifically for the transportation industry

26.0A 22 - 154 0.64 - 8.40mm View See parts

Specialty Power Connectors

Battery Connectors

While many applications will require a custom designed battery connector, Molex is also able to offer various battery connectors as standard products.

2.0A 3 - 8 1.00 - 3.00mm View See parts

Self-Contained Power Connector (SCPC)

A simple two-piece system used to splice and tap solid and stranded non-metallic sheathed cable, quickly and easily

20.0A 2 - 3 10.10 - 10.60mm View See parts

Power and Signal Connector Selector

Molex's Power and Signal connectors and cables are easy to find according to a variety of attributes, including current rating, amperage, circuit size and orientation. You can locate and configure multiple connector types, terminals, wires and connectivity options. Backed by expertise in electrical, mechanical and design engineering, our team developed a product finder portfolio to guide you in the best direction to power up your end applications.

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