GIS – Compact SF6 Gas Insulated Substations – 69 kV to 500 kV

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With space reduction purpose for the installation of substations, the VISION Group has a portfolio of supply GIS (Gas Insulated Substation), which covers voltages of 72.5 kV to 550 kV.

Being a great solution for installation within large cities, the GIS is a compact substation, which has in its isolation principle the SF6 gas.

SF6 gas has a higher dielectric strength than air, providing better insulation of the equipment and reducing the distance between conductors and between owned equipment, reaching up to 60% decrease in the size of the substation in relation AIS.

Another significant feature of the GIS is low commissioning time, in addition to easy installation in temperature -50 to + 50 ° C and modular approach, which, in the case of expansion / retrofit, has low cost and time savings.

Provision of equipment:


    Short Delivery Time;

    Easy installation;

    Short Time Commissioning;

    Need little space for installation;

    Competitive Price;

    Quality and Reliability;


    Low maintenance;

    Cost reduction.

We have a team of engineers and technicians able to offer unique solutions to each client, serving national and international standards, providing improve their performance and reduce environmental impacts.