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Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves Guide (Updated Reviews!)

Your Updated Review Blueprint to the Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Winter motorcycle gloves are what you’d wear on very-cold days; usually, once temperatures drop below 10° Celsius/50° Fahrenheit, it’s time to get the winter motorcycle gloves out.

Winter-oriented gloves are worn for all riding duties in the cold: from commuting to work to riding off road to touring for days in freezing-cold weather. You name it, and any-good winter motorcycle glove will excel at the given task.

Introduction to winter motorcycle gloves

Protection against the cold and from whatever falls from the sky (rain, snow or hail) is the primary focus of winter motorcycle gloves. Comfort comes second; followed closely by actual hand protection (i.e. protection against impacts and abrasion).

Forget about aesthetics in a winter motorcycle glove as they all look like oven mitts!

Winter gloves implement dedicated inside membranes and liners to guard your hands against the cold and rain, but the issue with these additional liners is that they add bulk to an already-thick leather chassis. Ergo, tactile feedback at the grips and levers ranges from passable to atrocious in winter gloves. Expect no racing-glove tactile precision.

That said, one does (eventually) get used to operating a motorcycle with winter gloves, and the rendered protection from seriously-inclement weather is well worth the slight modifying of one’s riding habits due to the girthy fingers inherent in all winter motorcycle gloves.

Winter motorcycle gloves can also incorporate self-heating mechanisms via the use of internal or external sources of electricity; heated winter motorcycle gloves are thus more expensive than regular winter gloves due to the added complexity of building a reliable, weatherproof, self-heating mechanism in a motorcycle glove.

What do all top winter motorcycle gloves have?

As far as non-heated winter gloves go, the best winter motorcycle gloves have their chassis lined internally with functional membranes to shield against the cold, rain, snow and, how not, the petrifying wind at highway speeds.

In first-class winter gloves, the aforementioned inner membranes and liners stay in place and do not misalign when taking off the gloves.

However, no run-of-the-mill membranes can be internally implemented in a winter motorcycle glove for superlative weather protection; only a select handful of engineered compounds can fully deter extreme cold and water penetration without drastically hindering finger tactility. Consequently, premium winter motorcycle gloves are expensive.

Two examples of excellent compounds employed in top-end winter motorcycle gloves are 3M’s Thinsulate (as thermal lining) and Gore-Tex (as waterproof membrane); these two (among others) substantially reduce bulk and volume in a winter motorcycle glove, which is imperative to you as a rider in order to handle your motorcycle safely.

Bulky, awkward, clumsy fingers in winter motorcycle gloves are a safety hazard and are common to low-end winter gloves; hence, paying top dollars for a set of premium winter gloves is strongly advised.

Aside from implementing efficient thermal and waterproof liners, the best winter motorcycle gloves also have long cuffs with gauntlets that cinch with extreme precision to avoid water seeping in and to also enable the gloves’ gauntlets to be worn under (or over) the cuffs of winter motorcycle jackets.

Index fingers incorporate water-wicking materials (e.g. neoprene or rubber) so as to wipe your visor with when riding through heavy rain.

Hand protection in top-of-the-line winter motorcycle gloves consists of leather palms with reinforcements at knuckles, palms and fingers. Top winter gloves from European brands are CE-certified as Level 1 KP under EN 13594:2015, which is easily identifiable via stitched tags or flags in the inner cuffs bearing the “1 KP” designation as shown below:

Last but not least, high-quality winter gloves sport reflective piping and/or paneling on the back of the hand so as to maximize your visible footprint when riding in the dark or in bad weather.

With regards to the best heated winter motorcycle gloves, the same requirements as to their non-heated counterparts apply, only that high-end heated winter gloves must also implement a reliable, comfortable and safe self-heating mechanism.

Pro tip: winter motorcycle gloves are cold-riding specific and are thus not suitable for fair-weather riding or hot-weather riding. Instead, you should own a set of winter motorcycle gloves as your go-to riding gloves for when temperatures drop too much, while also owning another set of gloves (or several sets) suited to the rest of the year (e.g. street-riding gloves and/or racing gloves).

If you live close to the tropics (e.g. Miami or Singapore) and your winters are mild, you may get away with wearing touring motorcycle gloves instead of winter motorcycle gloves during the cold season.

Best winter motorcycle gloves

These are the best winter motorcycle gloves based on quality, value and affordability:

  • These gloves here are absolute beasts for cold-weather riding. Finger tactility is superior to competitors and that’s one of the extra features that you’re paying for here. Everything that you factually need to go full-on, freezing-cold motorcycling anywhere in the world! Gloves fit true to size.
  • These gloves here are fantastic winter motorcycle gloves through and through with an affordable retail tag. Gloves fit true to size.
  • These gloves here are some of the cheapest, most-superb winter motorcycle gloves that have passed the test of time. If your budget is super tight, you cannot go wrong with these affordable winter motorcycle gloves. Gloves fit true to size.

Best heated winter motorcycle gloves

These are the best heated winter motorcycle gloves based on quality, value and affordability:

  • These gloves here are the top choice for dual heated winter motorcycle gloves. You can wear them while being heated with batteries alone or while being heated with a simple 12v connection (and the batteries charging simultaneously!). All hardware is included and the gloves implement a superb construction. A top predator in this niche. Gloves run large, so go down one size.
  • These gloves here give you everything needed in a heated winter motorcycle glove. Gloves fit true to size.
  • These gloves here are a small downgrade in features from the previous gloves but still are one the best-value heated winter gloves around! Gloves fit true to size.
  • These gloves here are among the best within the low-end of the price spectrum. Gloves fit true to size.

Concluding our review guide on the best winter motorcycle gloves

With winter motorcycle gloves, you get what you pay for. There’s no two ways about this.

After all, you aren’t just getting a motorcycle glove in itself; rather, you are getting a carefully-lined inner chassis that’s meant to shield you from nature’s inclement elements while still complying in comfort, ergonomics and protection against impacts and abrasion. That’s a lot to ask for in a motorcycle glove, and only the very-best winter motorcycle gloves are capable of excelling in all demanding conditions inherent to riding a motorcycle in wintertime.

So go through our lists of top winter gloves above and choose the one that suits your specific needs and wallet.

Enjoy your new winter motorcycle gloves (heated or non-heated) and feel free to ask any questions in the commenting section below!

Last Updated: 4th April 2021

14 thoughts on “Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves Guide (Updated Reviews!)”

  • Can heated winter gloves also work as standard winter gloves without the heating for when it’s not very cold? Thanks.

    • Hello Samuel,

      Absolutely. You can indeed use heated winter motorcycle gloves as regular winter gloves.

      Any built-in hardware (e.g. wiring) in high-quality heated winter gloves as the ones recommended in this guide is indiscernible. In the case of 7v heated gloves with batteries, they’re removable too.

      What are you looking for exactly in a winter glove?

      • Hey thanks for your reply and help! please accept my apologies for replying late.

        I’m looking for a winter glove that will adapt to the temperatures. So if I can wear heated winter gloves without all that hardware and the gloves deliver like the standard best winter gloves you have listed then that would be it for me.

        It doesn’t get very cold here except for a couple of weeks and the commute to work on a motorcycle is hell. So I would need the heating element of a usable winter glove for this type of riding. Thanks again as I wasn’t expecting a helpful reply but I see that you actually do reply to comments on your website which almost no other online motorcycle magazines do.

      • Hello Samuel,

        Don’t worry about it; we’re here to help you folks get the best motorcycle gear available (winter heated gloves in this instance).

        On your question, you’ve nothing to worry about with the recommended winter heated gloves in this guide as their wiring is not intrusive. Any batteries for 7v heating are removable too.

        I will warn you though that those cheap heated gloves that you see on Amazon are not just dangerous (in some cases) but the wiring is also noticeable when wearing the gloves and operating your motorcycle’s lever and throttle. Their overall design is a mess and hence the cheap price, notwithstanding how these sort of low-end heated gloves are failure prone and do not heat the hands evenly. Many are actually non-motorcycling heated gloves being sold as motorcycle heated gloves, which endangers the life of the rider as the gloves will not protect the hands in a crash.

        In a nutshell, grab any of our recommended winter heated gloves as any of them will too act as superb, regular winter gloves when you don’t want to use their heating capabilities.

        Feel free to keep us updated!


      • Thanks for the great advice. I’m going to run my numbers and choose one of the heated gloves from the list in the guide that fits my budget as its right now a bit tight with the current situation.

        So even if the gloves have those 7 volt batteries they are OK to remove and wear without? Thanks for everything again.

      • Yes, all good with 7v heated gloves and removing their batteries to use as regular winter motorcycle gloves.

  • Hi, first of all thanks for the level of detailed knowledge in this guide as I’m a new rider and this guide has been so helpful.

    My question would be how heated gloves work for someone with Raynaud syndrome? Mine is not severe but my fingers will turn white in low enough temps. Can I use motorcycle heated gloves with Raynaud syndrome in very cold weather like sub freezing temps? Don’t have heated grips yet but working on it too.

    Thanking you for your help.


    • Hello Vicky,

      High-quality heated motorcycle gloves will enable a rider to ride in much-lower temperatures than otherwise possible with regular winter gloves. High-quality heated gloves heat the whole chassis of the gloves, including fingers. Ergo, the fingers are also being generously warmed while riding.

      Low-end heated motorcycle gloves (which the industry is flooded with) won’t heat the fingers optimally, so it’s imperative to choose high-quality heated motorcycle gloves like the ones recommended in our guide. So, on that part, you’d be covered in the sense that your fingers will be heated accordingly.

      Now, riding in sub-freezing temperatures as you mention also includes the wind-chill factor, which can be extremely nasty. Even the best heated winter motorcycle gloves will only go so far in such extreme scenario as you’ve mentioned. For someone who doesn’t have Raynaud syndrome, he/she would still be OK riding along. However, for someone with Raynaud syndrome, I really cannot give out much advice other than to consult your doctor.

      Since you’re a new rider, I doubt that you will have yet ridden in such harsh, low-temperature conditions (sub-freezing and snowing). I have, and it’s an abominable experience even when fully suited up with heated motorcycle gear. For someone with Raynaud syndrome, this could cause an unpredictable reaction despite the condition otherwise only being mild.

      For cold-weather riding, good-quality heated winter motorcycle gloves will work, but, if you’re going to venture into full-on harsh winter riding, I recommend that you first consult your doctor or health specialist before embarking on this type of riding (regardless of wearing heated motorcycle gloves or not).

      Feel free to keep me updated on how you proceed and do also feel free to ask any further questions.


  • Greetings, are heating motorcycle gloves also of use for other activities not related to riding a motorcycle?
    Talking of hiking in the snow mainly but possibly for other snow or winter outdoor activities.

    • Of course! Winter heated motorcycle gloves can be used for any outdoor activities in winter. In another review guide on our website, a reader posted how he even uses his winter heated gloves to shovel snow. The options are pretty much limitless with winter heated motorcycle gloves.

    • Hello Pierre,

      Yes, I didn’t like them. There are better winter gloves for the money than the Knox Zero 3 MK2 gloves.


  • I got myself one of your recommended heated gloves three weeks ago and I’m very happy with the difference these heated gloves make now that temperatures are down in the 50s here in Memphis.
    Your gear guides rock.

    • Hello Mark,

      Thanks for the kind words, and I’m happy to know that you found our guide on the best winter gloves of great help in your purchasing decision!


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