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10 Men’s Bucket Hats To Match Any Style or Occassion

“Bucket hat” is an umbrella term for various wide-brimmed hats. They became popular in 1960s high fashion, but they have come back in vogue several times since. Many people wear them to make a bold fashion statement while also protecting their heads from the sun.

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What is a Bucket Hat?

A bucket hat is a type of hat known for its down-sloped, wide brim. It usually has a cotton composition, and you can find them with metal eyelets for airflow.

Supposedly, they originated in 1900 from Irish fishermen and farmers to protect them from the rain and sun. They were made with wool felt and tweed.

People who subscribed to the Mod subculture in the 1960s would wear bucket hats. In the 1970s, professional men wore them. Rappers created a resurgence of of these hats in the 1980s, and it continued as a fashion staple in the 1990s.

Are they in style in 2022? These days, celebrities and street fashion icons have started wearing them for function and fashion.

Where to Wear One

You can wear a bucket hat while playing outdoor sports to protect yourself from the sun. Some are waterproof as well. Many people wear them to music festivals, but you can wear them to most casual outings. 

You could also wear a design that is not too loud for a more relaxed work event.

How to Wear One

If you wear your bucket hat for utility, you can keep it secure on your head. For a more fashionable take, try to wear it higher up and further back to reveal your face. 

Try to match the colors of your hat to your outfit. If you have a printed one, you should pair it with a plain outfit in neutral colors.

Best Bucket Hats for Men

What are some good bucket hats? We have rounded up ten of the best that will level up your style game.

1. Best for Staying On-Trend: Adidas Originals Unisex Washed Hat

One of the trendiest bucket hats is from Adidas. The sports brand is popular with athleisure lovers, and this item pops. It has a solid black brim and cap with the logo embroidered on the front. 

The hat is 100% cotton sourced from sustainable farmers. It has a retro feel, and the color fades with time which enhances thevintage look. However, it only comes in one size and may fit too snug on a larger head.

2. Best for Stylish Outdoor Wear: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ardin Hat

Tommy Hilfiger’s bucket hat resembles a toned-down Indiana Jones hat. The ventilating grommets keep you cool, and its durable cotton lets it last all summer. It comes in beige or navy, and you can choose between two sizes. The logo appears on the side.

The hat is stiff and may run small. Nonetheless, it is breathable, versatile, and wearable for the bucket hat novice.

3. Best for Sun Protection: Coolibar UPF 50+ Nate Hat

While not the most attractive option, Coolibar’s bucket hat blocks 98% of UV radiation. The floppy brim offers shade. It has a light, soft, breathable, quick-dry fabric that feels like cotton. You can store it in your pocket, making it great for travel. It comes in several colors and sizes.

If you want your hat for utility purposes, such as gardening, fishing, or hiking, you may like this option.

4. Best for Professionals: Ralph Lauren Polo Reversible Hat

Ralph Lauren’s bucket hat can reverse colors from colorful print to navy. Both sides have the pony logo embroidered on the front. This hat has a more professional look than most, and it matches many outfits.

These Ralph Lauren hats are handsome, but expect to pay for this level of quality . While it has a high-quality cotton build that should last for years, consider your options before deciding.

5. Best for Casual Wear: Kangol Stripe Lahinch

One of the most casual bucket hats is the Kangol Stripe Lahinch. This light blue hat comes in several sizes and has a cotton build. The hat has a youthful, contemporary look with a shorter brim than most hats. It is a little sturdier and fits snugly, so you may need to size up.

6. Best for a 90s Look: Levi’s Men’s Reversible Hat

If you want to dive into the 1990s fashion revival, consider Levi’s bucket hat. This reversible hat is tie-dye on one side and solid blue on the other with different logos on each side. You have size options. 

Levi’s is known for its high-quality, cotton materials that last years. It does run small, so you may want to size up.

7. Best for Fishing: Stetson Delave Cotton Hat

For a more classic fishermen look, go for the Stetson Delave. This hat has a higher price point, but it offers UV protection, shade, and comfort. You can crush it to carry it in your pocket. 

This hat comes in brown, dark brown, beige, dark beige, or blue. It has an embroidered logo and eyelets for breathability.

8. Best for a Subtle Look: Brixton Men’s Oath Hat

If you want a subtler bucket hat, opt for the black or blue Brixton. It has the logo embroidered on the front. The brim is short, making it more wearable. Brixton takes inspiration from 1990s hats and contextualizes them with timeless styles for daily wear.

9. Best for Standing Out: Lacoste 1927 Graphic Bucket Hat

Lacoste’s bucket hat is bright blue and bold. It has a streamlined, cotton silhouette with a long, floppy brim. This one-size hat has one classic 1927 Lacoste logo. This hat is deconstructed, making it easy to store without compromising on style. Remember, this color makes a statement.

10. Best for a European Look: Fila Men’s Vintage Hat

Another popular sports brand is Fila, and you can get genuine Fila bucket hats on Amazon. This one has a red-navy body with a white stripe and Fila logo. It transports easily because of its floppy design, and it fits most heads. The pattern resembles the French gamine style, giving it a European look.

Wrapping Up

If you want to add bucket hats to your wardrobe, one of the above options may match your style. Consider the appearance and function before buying. Overall, bucket hats are a lasting trend, and there’s no harm in trying one out to elevate your style.

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