10 Free Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns

The winter season is a perfect time to get cozy with your knitting needles and create some scarves. Whether you're new to this skill or have been knitting for years, these 10 FREE easy scarf knitting patterns will keep you warm all winter long!

Projects include simple garter stitch (knit every row), beginner lace, drop-stitch, cartridge rib stitch and more. They are fun, easy-to-knit, and work up in a flash.

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10 Easy Scarves Free Knitting Patterns

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#1. No-Purl Ribbed Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

You’re probably wondering how to create a purl-less rib. You say it can't be done, right? Well with some clever slip stitches and the Cartridge Belt Rib stitch pattern you'll have no problem at all!

This robust knitting produces prominent columns of elongated knit stitches separated by broad valleys of dense texture that are both fascinating as they're beautiful too.

Uses aran weight yarn

Designed by Purl Soho

#2. Super-Fast, Ultra-Cozy Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Designer Jen Reilly was looking for a project that would be both affordable and stylish, but what she really wanted was a very quick-knit project. So with this in mind, she created her first lace pattern using super bulky yarn!

It's not difficult at all - just don't let yourself get scared by its simplicity.

Uses super bulky weight yarn

Designed by Jen Reilly

#3. Wainscot Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

This free scarf knitting pattern is perfect for the person who wants an easy, timeless design that they can wear both at work and on casual days.

It uses two balls of Ewe-Ewes Baa Baa Bulky merino yarn in a simple stitch pattern so it’s not too challenging but still very satisfying to create!

Uses bulky weight yarn

Designed by Pauline Walpole

#4. Stash Dive Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

The Stash Dive Scarf may become your new go-to scarf pattern!

This easy to knit project serves two purposes: first it will keep you warm on cold winter walks and second - if you have a growing yarn collection, this colorful pile of squish will solve both problems!

Stash busting is one those things that feel great because you get to use what little materials are left in your projects while making something new for yourself which will eventually become part if our wardrobe, too.

Uses worsted + fingering = aran weight yarn

Designed by Summer Lee

#5. Miss Marple Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

A keyhole scarf that'll keep you warm and stylish, no matter what the weather is like outside. It has an interesting design with wide middle section to protect against chilly air coming in under your coat or jacket collar as well!

Easy knit, mostly in garter stitch and little piece ribbing.

Uses worsted weight yarn

Designed by SusanneS-vV

#6. Arbor Pocket Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

Knit yourself a cozy, stylish statement scarf that you can wear all winter long! The luxurious fringe, large pockets, and deep texture will make this an instant favorite.

Uses super bulky weight yarn

Designed by Stephanie Jessica Lau

#7. One Skein Wonder Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

One Skein Wonder is an easy scarf that you can work from corner to edge using increases as well as bind-off stitches in order to show off the color changes in a variegated skein.

It’s great fun watching those stripes and pools of color flow throughout! This pattern includes only basic knitting skills but the finished results are stunning!

Uses DK weight yarn

Designed by Amanda Kremer

#8. Kids’ Pom Pom Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

This kids knit scarf pattern with perfect fluffy pom poms is such a fun project! It is a great pattern for those still new to knitting - very beginner friendly.

This is an easy level knitting pattern, and the techniques you will need to know are cast on, knit, knit2tog, increases, and slip stitches.

Uses super bulky weight yarn

Designed by Destiny Meyer

#9. Beginner Garter Drop-Stitch Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

This project is a great way to learn about working with dropped stitches. The quick knit adds length quickly and the six-row repeat makes it easy for beginners!

Very simple, six-row repeat with easy-to-follow written pattern.

Uses aran weight yarn

Designed by Michele Maks

#10. Seafaring Men’s Scarf Free Knitting Pattern

The Seafaring Scarf is knit up in fisherman’s rib, a wonderfully textured stitch that manages to be both traditional and perfectly modern. Fisherman's Rib gets its depth from "knitting into the stitch below" so it has an awesome squishy feeling without being too complicated! The perfect gift for any man or woman.

Uses bulky weight yarn

Designed by Purl Soho