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Asia FUJI Elevator New Design Passenger Lift ElevatorINTRODUCTION OF ASIA FUJI ELEVATORAsia Fuji Elevator is a joint-stock enterprise integrating elevator R & D, design, production, sales, installation and maintenance. Its main products include passenger elevator, cargo elevator, sightseeing elevator, sickbed elevator, villa

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Asia FUJI Elevator New Design Passenger Lift Elevator


Asia Fuji Elevator is a joint-stock enterprise integrating elevator R & D, design, production, sales, installation and maintenance. Its main products include passenger elevator, cargo elevator, sightseeing elevator, sickbed elevator, villa elevator, car elevator, escalator, automatic pedestrian way, sundry elevator, three-dimensional garage and other products.
Our advantage
By using VLSI and microcomputer, the volume of control cabinet is greatly reduced. No matter how high or low the pickled floor is, only one small control cabinet can be used
The 32-bit digital parallel central processing unit is used to process the digital signal and the flux vector operation of the motor in various operating speed ranges of the Asian Fuji Elevator. It has the torque bias function to compensate the load change, the digital automatic speed regulator ASR system and the unique speed detection circuit of the Asian Fuji Elevator, which realizes the highest level of high-precision speed control (accuracy) in the world It is 0.01% of the highest speed and 0.005% of the highest speed taxi. The latest online setting technology of Asian Fuji can automatically compensate the rated parameters according to the temperature change, so that the elevator can be used to ensure high-precision and reliable control in the environment of long-term operation and temperature fluctuation
The 32-bit parallel central processing unit is used to tell the processing that the most advanced double closed-loop (distance closed-loop, speed closed-loop) system of Fuji Asia ensures that both the highest speed and the lowest speed (minimum speed 5 RPM) can achieve high-precision and fast response control. Meanwhile, it has four quadrant operation and important feedback functions, which can be based on the running direction of the elevator and the weight of passengers (i.e. the number of people) The weight is converted into electrical signal and fed back to the central processing unit for calculation, so as to control the most reasonable speed of motor output and obtain the best comfortable operation effec

 Asia Fuji Elevator uses the latest permanent magnet gearless instead of the traditional worm and worm type traction machine, which realizes the miniaturization, thin, light weight and small size of the traction machine, eliminates the mechanical loss of the gear room, saves more than 60% energy than the previous elevator technology, and achieves the environmental protection requirements of no oil, no maintenance, minimum noise, minimum vibration and minimum machine room, It is a major technical breakthrough of the AC elevator. 
Fuji Electric Asia has a distribution and data comparison device. According to the law of human flow, it is automatically deployed to make the operation speed of the elevator uniform and comfortable, and further improve the operation efficiency of the elevator.
At present, most elevator manufacturers generally use energy consumption braking to consume energy on the resistance. The Asian Fuji Elevator drive system is equipped with regenerative braking unit (regenerative braking), which can feed the energy back to the power grid during the four quadrant operation of the elevator. Therefore, it can save 50% energy than the ordinary AC elevator and 20% energy than the ordinary frequency and voltage regulation elevator, thus greatly reducing the operation cost of the elevator  
VVVF frequency modulation technology, high technology is more reassuring
Asia Fuji Elevator adopts low noise vector control inverter word frequency, voltage regulation and speed regulation (VVVF), which is an important sign of high-performance elevator at present. At the same time, it adopts the world's most advanced IGBT, which makes the inverter realize PWM control of high load frequency, greatly reduces the motor noise, and has small power consumption, directly prolongs the life of the motor

Unique regional advantages and strong technical force
Fuji Elevator in Asia has been established for decades. Based on the high-tech industry, Fuji Elevator has experienced many changes in the elevator industry. Fuji Elevator is still in the front end of the elevator industry, constantly improving technology and services, and has become a leader in the elevator industry. Fuji Elevator Asia specializes in the sale of mechanical and electrical special equipment. Our products cover all kinds of Fuji series elevator products and services, such as passenger elevator, escalator, sidewalk, cargo elevator, dining elevator, etc
Product line

Passenger lift
1. Integrated with the building and the surrounding environment, it not only becomes a part of the building, but also adds a moving beautiful landscape.
2. The glass fiber reinforced plastic structure of the sightseeing elevator not only perfectly displays the compact space, but also the overall beauty. It can also be designed according to different civil engineering, which is convenient and quick. Generally, it adopts round, semicircle and square.
3. The smooth and comfortable ride feeling and multi angle landscape outside the ladder bring users a enjoyment and a novelty.
4. Widely used in all kinds of public and private buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, tourist attractions, high-end residential and so on. The development, design and construction technology of supporting products of sightseeing elevator mainly include: Elevator steel structure hoistway, point sightseeing elevator glass curtain wall cover, escalator curtain wall cover, and relevant elevator supporting decoration services. The industries involved include hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, real estate development companies, banks, government buildings, exhibition halls, subway entrances and exits, schools, private villas, etc.
Villa lift

Sightseeing lift

Medical Service Elevator

Cargo elevator with machine room

Car lift

Escalator and sidewalk

   Quality achievement comes, service extends dream
Asia FUJI Lift Elevator with High Technology with Lower Price Passenger Elevator


Asia FUJI elevator put passengers safety at first,the elevator networking is incorporated into the Internet platform,all information of the elevator can be querried,maintained and managed.

2.Cost Reduction

At present, most elevator manufacturers are generally uses the braking energy, the energy consumption on the resistance, FUJI elevator drive system adopts regenerative braking units, the elevator can run in four quadrant of the energy feedback to the power grid so brings 50% energy-saving than ordinary AC elevator,20% than the ordinary elevator, greatly reduces the operating costs of the lift.


FUJI elevator  uses the latest permanent magnet gearless to replace the traditional turbo worm tractor, realizing the miniaturization of the tractor, light weight, small size, eliminating the mechanical consumption between the gears, and achieving the environmental requirements of no oil, no maintenance, minimum noise, minimum engine room.

4.High Technology

FUJI elevator adopts VVVF technology,and also uses IGBT,which is the most advanced transistor in the world,the noise of the motor is greatly reduced and the service life of the motor is prolonged.

5.Freely Custom made

Customers can choose their favorite and customized apperance for their own elevators      
from aspects of car finish, design, ceiling and floor materials.

Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer? 
A1: We are manufacturer. We have our own factory and trading company. 

Q2: How can I order? 
A2: Please send enquiry from Made in China, Click "Contact Now". Please let me know the specification of elevator. 

Q3: Can you cheaper? Another company lower than you. 
A4: The quality of the product determines the price. Just like the BMW and other cars, We use high quality materials and advanced technology. We provide you with quality products and best services. Please know that the value for money is good. 

Q4: Can I customize the elevator? 
A4: Of course, please tell me your requirements and parameters or drawings, we can also design drawings for you to confirm. 

Q5: How about warranty? 
A5: Every unit we can follow by our GPS system, if any problem we can tell you how to fix it, and there are 18 month warranty time, if any problem we will send you free spare parts to change. 

Q6: Payment and Price terms? 
A6: Mainly according to your requirements, but we recommend using L/C at sight or 30% T/T In Advance, balance before shipping. 

Q7: What is your delivery time? 
A7: Our delivery time is based on the quantity of your order. 

Q8: What is your company address? 
A8: Shanghai FUJI Elevator Co., Ltd. is located at No. 328, Ruiqing Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China. Warmly welcome you to visit our company. 

1.Permanent magnetic synchronous traction machine using rare-earth material without traditional gearbox. Powerful drive, reliable brake, excellent performance creates conversion efficiency as high as 40%
2. High-precision encoder
3. Quiet Brake: Adopting quiet brake reduces 5-10(Db) A noise, makes it a stable, high -security quiet machine
4 .Premium Magnetic steel
Self-developed magnetic steel thermos table up to180 degree, maintaining permanent magnetic up to 30 years.
5. Safe intimate care door operator with VF control combined with synchronous belt transmission, stable operation, and high efficiency.
6. Waterproof light curtain class IP65, the beam quantity up to 154 above, strong anti-interference performance, closing without blind spots, to ensure passage's safety.


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