Rope, Fiber, 56 mm - 251 Te - Dyneema - Towing Hawser   QTY.:2 each x 110 m

Listing ID: UL 06634
West EUROPE Location: Ågotnes, Norway
Offshore & Trawl supply AS
Synthetic fiber ropes for Towing, Hawser, 12 strand Single Braid Dyneema SK 78 Fibre, total length 110 m each. New.
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Offshore & Trawl supply AS
OTS / Dextron / Dyneema
New 2015

Information from COC:
Product Name: Towing arrangement 56 mm, L=110 m
Product Type: 12.Strand Single Braid - Dyneema SK 78 Fibre
Size/Length/ Accessories: 56 mm (BL=251 Te) -Total length= 110 m
Material number: 02971080
Dextron 12 plus towing rope, diameter 56 mm, L= 95 m with soft eyes 1.5 m in each end.
OTS Protective Jacket in eyes + 15 m each end
Lashed (18 mm lashing line, L= 5 m) with Nylonsab w/cape, Ø 88 mm, L=15 m. BL=179 Te
Approximate Weight per 100 m (kg): 170,90 kg
Average Breaking Strength (kg): 251 000 kg
Ropes were tested with spliced terminations.

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