BPU90 console color Doppler system

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BPU90 redefines price and amazing performance with practical design fundamentally new sonography technology, coupled with rich of experiences in technology, excellent performance, comprehensive clinical applications, outstanding image quality, stable operation system and durable material processing technology, which can meet different needs from different departments in hospitals. We firmly believe the BPU90 to be the very proven and convincing advantages of the unprecedented full-body trolley ultrasound in its class today.


Slim design

15" High Resolution LED
Replaceable probe holder
Cable management
Four probe connectors
Backlit Keys and four wheels with locks
Built-in Battery(120 minutes) for off-site, emergency care(option)
Rich Peripherals Ports (LAN,VGA,HDMI,USB,Video,Remote, DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, PDF report)


Efficient Workflow

Streamlined process, six one key
Shortcut key for quick reaction
Automatic spectrum calculation
Automatic saving for preset or to default status Fast save and fast review for current patients User-friendly interface
Efficient date management


Advanced Functions

B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B,Color Doppler, PW Doppler, Power Doppler, Tissue Harmonics, Auto Optimization, Needle Visualization, DICOM
Automatic trace on PW frequency map
Measurement packages of all parts meet with clinical needs of different applications
Built-in workstation helps quickly searching patient data and reviewing cines, which facilitates the doctor’s operation
Fast save and fast review for current patients
Full patient database and image management solutions
Customized settings based on your own working style
Comprehensive data storage, transmission solutions and intelligent data management
Full patient database and image management solutions
Biopsy Guide,Lito,PICC,B/C,Global zoom up to 10X zoom
OB measurement:body weight, single,gestational age and growth curve, amniotic fluid index,fetal physiological score measurement, etc.


Comprehensive Applications

Gynecology: (including Trans-vaginal) Urology
Small Parts
Prostate (including Trans-rectal) Orthopedics



Video Printer
Biopsy bracket
Hard disk (1T)
SSD hard disk
Color ink-jet printer
B/W video printer


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