Console Ultrasound

Versana Balance

Competent. Efficient. Practical.

Versana Balance ultrasound helps you provide reliable general practice care with no compromise on quality. This practical, competent system delivers comprehensive scanning for diagnosis and monitoring in private clinics, and other primary-care settings.

Versana Premier

Powerful. Versatile. Productive.

The Versana Premier, is the preeminent ultrasound system of GE’s new Versana line of products. Versana is noteworthy of advanced performance, unambiguous image quality and inclusive productivity and training tools in a new ergonomically versatile design.

LOGIQ™ S8 Vet with XDclear™

Simply Amazing

The LOGIQ™ S8 has been enhanced with XDclear imaging architecture and probe technology. Migrated from GE’s flagship system, these innovative technologies combine to enable superb imaging across a wide range of applications, including abdominal, musculoskeletal, vascular, cardiology, urology and more.

LOGIQ™ E9 Vet XDclear™ 2.0

Complete Ultrasound

With the LOGIQ™ E9 XDclear™ 2.0 ultrasound system, we’ve rethought virtually every element of the imaging chain, from the pulse of the probes to the clarity of the pixels. The result is our highest level of imaging performance yet – a leap forward you have to see to believe.

LOGIQ™ E10 Vet

Empowering Confident Diagnosis

The LOGIQ™ E10 system provides a new standard in imaging, advanced tools, and enhanced workflow ergonomics so veterinarians can scan, diagnose, and treat a wide range of patients across a broad spectrum of conditions. Central to the new system is the cSound™ Architecture that combines versatile XDclear™ probes and the new cSound Imageformer to deliver
exceptional image quality. 

VIVID™ E90/95 Vet

Premium Systems

The Vivid™ E90 and Vivid™ E95 (4D) are the premium cardiovascular ultrasound systems designed to help you rise above some of today’s complex healthcare challenges.