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The SonoScape diagnostic ultrasound devices create images with outstanding resolution to help you make fast and accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal (MSK) related injuries. Our scanners provide real-time imaging of soft tissues (like tendon and muscle), joint structures (articulations), blood vessels, internal organs, etc. These scanners are extremely helpful for guiding injection therapy techniques like intra-articular injections and needle aspirations.

All scanners come with basic ultrasound probes. We also provide a wide variety of specialty probes for all types of ultrasound scans.

Full training is provided to help you get scanning quickly or help you increase your skills. Getting the right imaging techniques will ensure a rapid return on investment for your clinic.

All Healthcare professionals will find a scanner suited for their specialty within the Sonoscape range:


The E1 is a compact and lightweight portable scanner with black and white ultrasound imaging. It provides very affordable entry-level scanning with advanced features including Pulse Wave Doppler and Auto Trace functions.


The E2 is a portable color doppler ultrasound for high-resolution imaging with advanced features. In addition to color doppler, the E2 provides pulsed wave (PW) imaging to produce Duplex and Triplex scanning.


The X5 is a laptop-style portable scanner with color doppler and pulsed wave doppler. The X5 has Vis Needle functionality for easy injections. The WiFi connectivity makes it easy to transfer data.


The P20 is the entry-level cart-based scanner from SonoScape with outstanding image resolution using the latest single crystal technology. The ergonomic design optimises workflow with intelligent diagnostic tools and auto measurement packages reduce examination times, even with technically difficult to image patients.


The P50 is the top of the range scanner from Sonoscape. Its outstanding image resolution is due to the single-crystal technology ultrasound transducer. Intelligent diagnostic tools for high-quality examinations and reduced scan times.

The SonoScape X5 met all of our needs

Dr John Smith

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Let's Be Social

If you need to chat to one of our excellent team members, don't be afraid to get in touch!

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