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Luxury Bathrooms with Stone Resin Freestanding Baths: Time to Create your Own Spa

Undeniably, bathtubs are the centerpiece of every bathroom. The recent trends in architecture that spread like wildfire the last few years have lead us to the design of even larger bathrooms with a turn of focus on modern freestanding bathtubs. Being a work of art on their own, they are a great addition, especially if you want to create your own sanctuary and a serene place of relaxation and well being in your home, with elegance and style.

But, to have a relaxing bathing experience after a long and stressful day, you need to make sure you have chosen the right tub to help you wear away your tiredness. With so many options in shape, style and size, shopping for a new tub could be challenging and given that a bathroom renovation is not a cheap job, it’s critical to find a bath made from high-quality materials that won’t let you down after a few years.

Popular Materials for Freestanding Tubs

Stone, acrylic, cast iron, stone resin, copper, fiberglass, and wood are some of the most-used materials for freestanding tubs with most architects and interior designers listing stone resin as their go-to option for many reasons. Also known as composite stone, solid surface, cast stone, mineral stone or engineered stone, stone resin makes the perfect material for freestanding baths, which blend science and nature, combining innovation with old-age beauty.


Benefits of Stone Resin Freestanding Baths

Compared to their counterparts, stone resin baths:

  • Are significantly more durable (18-25 mm thick). Hence, don’t wear out that easily.

  • Can endure drastic variations in temperature.

  • Are easy to clean (see below).

  • Have a non-porous surface, which means that they don’t let bacteria set in, putting your health at risk.

  • Are easier to install (you may even install one yourself thanks to its freestanding property).

  • Have an amazing resistance to discolouration and come in lots of color choices.

  • Use the bathroom space elegantly and smartly, thanks to their minimalistic design.

  • Have incredibly simple maintenance requirements. They can be made like brand new after years of use by just sanding and polishing.

  • Retain heat better than acrylic and cast iron baths.

That aside, the classy modern look and lavish feeling freestanding bathtubs present are incomparable! Being able to feel like having your personal spa in your own bathroom is a fulfilling sensation indeed.

How to Clean a Stone Resin Bathtub?

With water and cleanser for routine cleaning and maintenance (just make sure you dry the tub after cleaning it). You can use any hygienic product freely, too. Now, if you want to give it more TLC or you are called to deal with scratches on the surface, the use of abrasive pads is highly recommended.

Note: Do NOT use petroleum-based cleaning agents as they may damage the surface.

How to Install a Freestanding Bathtub

It can’t get any simpler than this. You just connect the drain to the rough-in plumbing and secure the tub to the location.

Final Tips for Before Buying a Freestanding Bathtub

Have the measurement template handy (don’t forget to measure the largest person that will be using the tub) to get the perfect size. You should be comfortable in the tub and be able to fit your legs (extended) in it.

Finally, try to plan the installation based on your bathroom’s layout before you start searching for a stone resin freestanding bathtub. For even better use of space, you can consider combining a shower with your tub. There are lots of shower head-tub options with an irresistible modern feel and design.

You can pick from a wide array of stone resin freestanding bathtubs available in matt or polished finish at Lusso Stone. Our unbeatable prices, high-quality materials, sleek and superbly designed products to fit any bathing needs, lifetime guarantee, and exceptional customer service, are just a few of the things that have made us the number one choice for thousands of homeowners in search of the ultimate bathing experience.

Bathing is an art…

Let’s create your personalised work of art and ultimate relaxation spot in your home, now! Take a look at our range of stone baths today. 



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