GREENMAX Polyethylene Foam Recycling Compactor

Recycle PE Foam by Cold Compressing Machine:

Polyethylene foam has changed in size and density after compression. ZEUS compactor could compact waste scattered polyethylene foam into tight blocks. Compression effect can be seen in the below picture. Compacted polyethylene foam needless store space and could offer convenience to transportation. Then storage cost and transportation cost could be saved. In addition, compacted polyethylene foam could be sold to get extra money.

Polyethylene Foam Cold Compressing Compactor:

ZEUS compactor, belong to screw compressor, could handle all kinds of waste foams, including EPS foam, EPE foam, EPP foam, XPS foam and PSP foam. In addition, ZEUS compactor is the upgrade of screw compressor as this type of machine has surface hot melting function.

Advantages of PE Foam Compactor:

1. More environmentally friendly with little pungent odor;
2. Mature technology with long-term;
3. Many proven cases;
4. Models can be designed according to the requirement;
5. Perfect after-sales service system.

Recycling Steps of PE Foam compactor:

1. ZEUS compactor could smash waste polyethylene foam into pieces
2. Smashed polyethylene foam can be compacted and extruded from ZEUS compactor discharge chute. At the same time, the surface of compacted polyethylene foam will be melted.
3. The hot melt film surface could prevent compacted polyethylene foam from being scattered again.

Successful Case:

CASE1:PE Cutter and PE Foam Recycling

With over 20 years experience, Bracken Foam Fabricators Ltd is one of the most professional and reliable PE foam manufacturers and supplier in Europe. When they are doing fabricating, there is about 20-30% foam scrap generated. With this huge volume of waste PE foam scrap, it cost a lot of money for space and transport back to the vendor Sealed Air for reusing.

In 2018, Sealed Air introduced to them that GREENMAX is a good solution for waste PE foam recycling, by the end of 2018, the Z-C100 PE compactor arrived at their factory, helping Bracken effectively manage all their foam waste. After compressed, they can sell the material back to Sealed Air, not only saving the transport cost, also get back a lot of material profit, the annual profit is around Euro 20,000.

CASE2:PE Packaging Manufacturer and PE Foam Recycling

Nefab, headquartered in Sweden, is the leading manufacturer of transport packaging in the world. It has manufacturing facilities in many European countries to provide transport packaging solutions for its nearby customers. It purchases PE packaging materials mainly from Jiffy in Poland, which produces many PE scraps. These scraps can be brought back to Poland and reused while the transportation cost is high.

Based on Jiffy’s own successful experience of GREENMAX Z-C200 application, they purchased a GREENMAX Z-C100 PE foam compactor, which is applied in the factory. The PE blocks, which are formed after the disposal of GREENMAX PE foam compactor will be transported back to Poland for a second production. The GREENMAX Z-C100 compactor has helped Nefab save both Storage and transportation costs.

Polyethylene Foam Introduction:

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is a molded semi-rigid, non-crosslinked, and closed-cell type of foam. It has the ability to withstand great amounts of pressure without losing its original cushioning properties, which makes it the ideal foam for applications. In addition, PE foam products are durable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

It is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials. Apart from this, the processed PE foam could be recycled to pelletize.

EPE Foam Recycling Video:


EPE Foam Recycling Machine