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High pressure booster compressors

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Discover our high-pressure booster compressors


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When we talk about high pressure boosters, we simply mean a compressor which enables you to step up the pressure of the primary feed air compressor. If you require air or nitrogen at any pressure between 1000 and 5000 psi, Atlas Copco’s high pressure booster with unique inhouse designed pumper block is the most efficient choice. They are designed to be transported to your point of work – no matter how remote the location. Whether you are in rental, service industry or waterwell drilling; this portable booster is the best solution for your needs.

Efficiency and productivity

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The high pressure booster portfolio

Our boosters further increase pressure ratio of air or nitrogen by approximately factor 2.7 and 2.9 per compression stage (up to 3 stages available). The integrated fuel tank autonomy further improves ease of use. Finally, the bypass system allows you to connect the primary compressor to the pipeline before activating the booster; allowing you to gradually build up pressure in the target application.

Versatility and profitability

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The new smart air XC4004 controller

Through the new Xc4004 Smart air controller, the required output pressure can easy be defined with a touch of the button. You determin the pressure, while your application dictates the flow. For example in a drilling application, drilling speed can efficiently be increased, reducing the cost per meter drilled and improving your overall profitability. In addition, the modular design of our dual stage boosters, allow you to change from dual to single stage, increasing the utilization rate of your investment to fit various requirements.

High pressure at reduced footprint thanks to in-house designed pump block

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The in-house designed pump block of the high pressure compressor booster

Our pumperblock design not only efficient and small, it is also easy to maintain. The standard components don’t require special oils and all service points are easily accessible. A booster can be maintained by one service technician without the need for a crane or special tools within 4 hours. In addition centralised drains impact daily ease of use. Finally the bypass system allows for easy cleaning of the pipes before usage to avoid downtime due to particles in the booster.


Our inhouse pumperblock design allows for a unique set-up of all booster components, greatly impacting the footprint of the high pressure booster. Even a 191 inch booster can boost gas up to 1000 psi. This small footprint limits transportation costs as both the booster and feed air compressor can be combined on one trailer. With the weight as low as 7055 lbs, even demanding offshore applications experience no limitations. Standard forklift slots and lifting eyes further improve manouverability once on site.


Our state-of-the art Xc4004 controller is constantly monitoring all vital parameters of the booster. In case of pending failure, the controller will protect your investment by automatically shutting down and thus avoiding damage to core components. It will also indicate when preventive maintenance is required, avoiding unexpected downtime. The controller informs through audible alarms if the temperature of the cylinder valves reaches a certain level, even indicating the specific valve that requires maintenance.


The booster models include B4, B7, B9, B13, B18, SB7, SB18.

Smart air controller

The XC4004 smart air controller

From improving versatility to increase the utilization rate of your investment, to minimizing downtime by preventive service announcements and audible alarms; the new Xc4004 Smart air controller changes the process of high pressure boosting. In addition • A clear 7 inch screen with all key parameters at first glance • Access to historical data • Remote controlling With this controller, your booster is ready for the future.

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Discover our high-pressure booster compressors


Dynamic Flow Boost

Learn how the Dynamic Flow Boost principle can improve your drilling efficieny.


Along with a standard product range, we also offer a custom engineered range of products. We structure the design of these products through a global competency center in Antwerp, Belgium but our customized solutions are sold, supported and serviced locally, in over 180 markets. We can group these solutions into following categories.

Atlas Copco is leading when it comes to developing new technologies. Our solutions are always more efficient, more performing... Find out how we succeed to bring innovation.

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