PVSG Vertical Pressure-Vacuum Sintering Furnace With Rapid Cooling


  1. Multiple Uses
    A wide range of pressures can be specified for sintering processes, from vacuum pressures (10-2 Pa) to high pressures (0.9 MPa). Furnace can be heated as high as 2200 °C, making it ideal for production or research of various metals and ceramics. In addition, a combined pressurized gas/internal cooling system provides rapid cooling.
  2. Performs Degassing, Dewaxing and Sintering (Pressure Sintering) in Sequence
    Uses internal tight box to discharge binder vapors and prevent them from adhering to or contaminating furnace walls or the heat-insulating layer.
  3. Maintenance
    Internal parts can be disassembled or reassembled easily, ensuring an easy-to-maintain system.


  • Superhard Alloys
    Performs dewaxing, degassing, sintering, and rapid cooling in sequence
  • Non-Oxide Ceramics
    Performs dewaxing, degassing, firing, and rapid cooling in sequence
  • Metals
    Performs dewaxing, degassing, sintering, and rapid cooling in sequence
  • Sm-Co, Nd-Fe and Other Magnets
    Improves magnetic characteristics
  • High-Speed Tool Steel
    Performs rapid heating, quenching, and tempering in sequence
  • Brazing of Metals and Ceramics
    Performs degassing and brazing in sequence

PVSG Series Specifications

Model PVSGgr20/20
Effective Intern. Dim. (mm)
W x H x D
Max. Temp. (°C) 2200
Process. Cap. (kg gross) 10
Ultimate Press. (Pa) 7×10-4
Max. Pressure 0.9MPa
Power Req. (kVA) 40
Gases N2,Ar,(H2)

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