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Vacuum and sintering furnaces

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Vacuum heat treatment furnace

  • An automatic high quality vacuum furnace. Used for quenching, tempering, annealing and other heat treatment of metals. Rapid and homogeneous cooling for furnace efficiency and easy maintenance.

Sintering furnace

Single chamber furnace
Removes binder, sinters, and cools in one chamber. Renowned for its excellent operability.
Double chamber furnace
  • Has two separate chambers for binder removal / sintering and cooling.
  • Provides a cleaner atmosphere for sintering since the sintering chamber is segregated from outside air.

Metal injection molding furnace

  • A vacuum heat treatment furnace for sintering of powders of alloy steel, stainless steel, and rare-earth for molding etc.

Roller hearth continuous vacuum furnace

  • Used for continuous process of removing binder, sintering , and cooling of powder molds and for general heat treatment.
  • Achieves short term delivery by combining independent standard function units (e.g. sintering unit, cooling unit), allowing various different compositions.

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Vacuum Sintering Furnace