Contact Tip Hole Judgment Specialized Pin Gauge HG Pin

Contact Tip Hole Judgment Specialized Pin Gauge HG Pin

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As a purpose of tip hole condition confirmation and control, a hole gauge with easy and simple check tool in the welding work site.

Main replacement purpose of the used tips are;
① Enlargement of tip hole, i.e., whole expansion
② Hole clogging (Copper powder, Iron powder, etc.)
③ Hole inner wear
④ Tip deposition

If it is possible to be corresponding to these ②、③ factors and solve the problem by proper countermeasure, it can be possible for the reduction of tip replacement time.HG Pin is the tool for judgment in the welding working site easily.



■ For each corresponding wire diameter, it is one set for 3 kinds of for {Standard Hole], [For the Judgment of Hole Clogging], [For the Judgment of Hole Expansion].

■ The corresponding wire hole is about reference.When ordering, we will select the suitable size from the contact tip of new one and used one.

※ For the further details, please consult to our sales Office.

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