Electro Galvanized Wire with Good Anti-Corrosion in Architectural Use

Electro galvanized wire, also called cold galvanized wire, is made of high quality carbon steel wire. The processing of this wire is to use electrolytic equipment for galvanizing. In general, the zinc coating is not very thick, but the electro galvanized wire has enough anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. In addition, the zinc coating surface is very average, smooth and bright. Electro galvanized wire zinc coated commonly is 8–50 g/m2. This wire is mainly used to make nails and wire ropes, wire mesh and fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving.

EGW-01: Electro galvanized coil wire.

EGW-02: Electro galvanized spool wire.


  • Material: carbon steel wire.
  • Processing: steel rod coil – wire drawing – wire annealing – rust removing – acid washing – boiling – drying – zinc feeding – wire coiling.
  • Wire diameter: 6–24 gauge (0.55–5 mm).
  • Tensile strength: 350–550 N/mm2.
  • Elongation: 8% – 15%.
  • Function: to form coil wire, spool wire or processed into cut wire or U type wire.
  • Type: common use wire, light galvanized soft wire, heavily galvanized soft wire, extra-heavily galvanized soft wire and high carbon wire.


  • Firm zinc coating.
  • Good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.
  • Wide application.


  • Mesh weaving.
  • Tying wire in architectural site.
  • Making handicrafts.
  • Material of mesh and fence.
  • Packing life products.


  • Detail:
    • Inside plastic films, outside hessian cloth.
    • Inside plastic films, outside moister-proof paper.
  • Total:
    • In coils or spools (single coil weight ranges from 10 kg to 1000 kg).
    • In carton or pallet.

EGW-03: Electro galvanized wire packed with woven bag.

EGW-04: Electro galvanized wire packed with hessian bag.

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