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Villa fence: easy with "FACILE" expanded metal fence

Simple to assemble, beautiful to look at. The“Facile” expanded metal fence is fast and convenient to assemble thanks to the fixing system between panels and uprights which provides for the simple use of nuts and bolts. "Facile" forms a perfect "curtain wall" enclosure, with no gaps between one panel and another.

Mesh: Types 96-97

Sequence of dimensional characteristics

DL x DC (DCr) - av x sp:

62,5 x 25 (25,0) - 4,3 x 3    - Tipo 96

62,5 x 25 (25,0) - 6,2 x 3    - Tipo 97

DL / DC on request

Refer to the technical data sheet for the legend and find out the materials and formats available for this mesh

Expanded Metal Fencing