Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts

Suitable for use when the ambient temperature or the temperature of the materials being transported is 60°C or above


  • Abundant range of products are available, depending on the temperature and the materials being conveyed, with heat resistances ranging from 100 - 200°C


Sintered or pelleted ore in steel factories, dry materials or clinker cement in cement factories, etc.

Note: Use flame resistant belts if any oils other than vegetable oils are in or adhering to the materials being transported.


《Applications that must be avoided》

  • 1. Applications that must be avoided for all heat-resistant conveyor belts
    ・Avoid materials that contain or have on their surface other oils than vegetable oil even a little.
    ・Avoid applications that require flame resistance.
  • 2. Applications that must be avoided for Heat Carry HC-710, HC-730, and HC-770 conveyor belts
    ・Avoid conveying powder materials at 180ºC or higher.
Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt