The only thing you’ll have to balance here is your love for five different animals.

Over the years, Japan has earned itself a reputation as the land of all things cute, or “kawaii“. Here, everyday things like portable battery packs, pouches and cushion cases come covered in adorable designs that make them much more enjoyable to use, and one of the go-to ways to amp up the cute factor of anything is to look to the animal world for inspiration.

Case in point is this new lineup of furry animals, which look right at home in your living room. There’s more to them than just their pretty faces, though, as these delightfully rotund creatures are functional too, because they’re designed to cover exercise balls.

That’s right — those large, round balls for balancing butts and improving posture can now get the kawaii treatment, with five different animal designs available.

In addition to the black-and-white panda and the brown bear, the “Balance Pet” range includes a black-and-white cat

▼ A pink bunny

▼ And a blue-and-white penguin.

If your relationship with your exercise ball isn’t particularly warm and fuzzy, then you might want to opt for this ball-and-chain design instead.

All the exercise ball covers are available to purchase online from Japanese novelty store retail chain Village Vanguard for 3,278 yen (US$30.17), or from Amazon, where they’re currently retailing for 2,499 yen.

Not only will these cute covers protect your exercise balls from gathering dust, they’ll make them look so cute that you’ll end up wanting to spend even more time with them. And they’re sure to go perfectly with your cat wall seals, transforming penguin plushies and sexy daikon pillows.

Source, images: PR Times 
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