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Collinsville Aqua Park




Changes to the regular schedule will be  posted on our Facebook page @CollinsvilleAquaPark

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Come make a splash at the premiere water park for the Metro East!

The Collinsville Aqua Park (formerly Splash City) is now under the operation of the City of Collinsville and its new Parks and Recreation Department. It’s the same great park, just new owners! Our season runs Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day each year. Search our website any time to check out rates, view the facility rules, and peruse program offerings.



The Collinsville Aqua Park is home to 7 slides, Monsoon Mountain, lazy river, leisure pool, lap pool and Aqua Climb Wall. At Collinsville Aqua Park you'll never pay for parking, all our inner tubes are free, and you'll never be charged to use any of our life jackets.

Lazy River

Take time out to relax and float in our lazy river. This figure-eight patterned pool is 3 and a half feet deep and is perfect for lounging in our free-to-use inner tubes. You can float solo or double up with our tandem tubes and let the currents carry you along.


 Leisure Pool

The Leisure pool is the Aqua Park’s largest pool and features zero depth entry. The deepest end measures 4 and a half feet and comes complete with wide array of activities. There are two slides, one open-air and one tube, which are 3 stories tall and cover 170 feet emptying into the deepest end of the pool. Next, the lily pads float in the pool and, using the overhead rope, the adventurous can see if they can make it across. On the opposite end, across the water-spout walk-way, you'll find the Water Fortress play area where you can jostle valves, shoot water streams, and take a small 9 foot tube slide down into 2 feet of water. This area offers something for everyone visiting the park.


Monsoon Mountain

Monsoon Mountain is a 50 foot tall water castle of fun. It includes five slides of various shapes and sizes, and different hoses and buckets that kids can use to squirt each other with water. The bucket on top holds 500 gallons of water and douses the kids or unsuspecting parents below with its contents every five minutes. Two slides at the top of Monsoon Mountain, one open and one tube, have a 40 inch height requirement. 

Lap Pool


The lap pool is a 4 lane pool with a maximum depth of 9 feet. It features stair-entry and contains an AquaClimb wall, a 12-foot-tall climbing wall situated above the deep end. Those craving a bit of adventure can climb the wall and jump into the deep water. 

Host your next event!

Collinsville Aqua Park is a great place for birthday parties, private events, and large groups. Check out our options below and submit an event request online. 

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Rules and Policies 

To ensure the Aqua Park is a safe environment for everyone, we have some rules for everyone to follow and an inclement weather policy. Please be sure to read these carefully before coming to the Aqua Park.

Collinsville Aqua Park is operating at a 700 person capacity.  Once we hit that capacity, we will stop our ticket sales for the remainder of the day.  Season Pass Holders will still be allowed in the waterpark.   Check our Facebook Page for daily updates on capacity.  

  • Aqua Park FAQ

    • Are innertubes available?

    • Are lifejackets provided?

    • Are there changing rooms, showers, and lockers available?

    • Are towels provided?

    • Can I bring food or drinks into the Aqua Park?

    • Can I bring water wings or other flotation devices into the Aqua Park?

    • Can I enter the waterpark early?

    • Can I host a birthday party at the Aqua Park?

    • Can I re-enter the park if I leave?

    • Can I wear shoes in the park?

    • Can outside tables and chairs or pop-up canopies be brought into the Aquatic facilities?

    • Do guests that choose not to swim still have to pay admission?

    • Do the aquatic facilities have lifeguards on duty?

    • Do you accept payment through Payment Apps (PayPal, Venmo, CashApp)?

    • Do you have an ATM?

    • Do you have first aid personnel?

    • Does Collinsville Aqua Park have adult to child ratios for groups, camps day cares?

    • Does the Aqua Park accept credit cards?

    • Does the Aqua Park offer discounts for large groups?

    • Does the concrete get hot at the waterpark?

    • How do I properly pick and fit a life jacket for myself or my child?

    • How tall do I need to be to ride the slides?

    • I visited the waterpark and saw the staff practicing saves and CPR. Why are they doing that during operating hours?

    • If I forgot my bathing suit, do you have suits for sale?

    • Is food available for purchase at the park?

    • Is smoking allowed in the park?

    • Is there a charge for parking?

    • What are the behavior rules?

    • What are your hours?

    • What constitutes residency?

    • What happens if I get separated from my child?

    • What is the age limit to attend the waterpark by yourself?

    • What is the aquatic facilities severe weather policy?

    • What is the dress code?

    • What is your photography and videography policy?

    • What is your policy on diapers in the water?

    • What is your refund policy?

    • Where is Collinsville Aqua Park located?

    • Why are the lifeguards always blowing their whistles?

    • Why are the lifeguards in different color suits?

10 Gateway Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234

Collinsville Aqua Park is a facility of the City of Collinsville