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CNG Tube Trailer, Tube Skid (with 6-12 CNG Cylinders)

We can offer CNG tube skids of different dimensions, from 20ft length of 8 cylinders (type 1) to 40ft length of 12 cylinders. Specialized impact test is done to guarantee the strength and durability of our CNG containers. In this way, we can make sure the CNG tube trailer we offer to customers is safe and reliable.

CNG tube skid and trailer can supply CNG for daughter station, also can be used to transmit natural gas for family use. It offers an effective way of gas transmission, supplementing the way of pipeline transmission. Our CNG tube skid or tube trailer has the following features.
1. Small footprint, easy to use
2. Adopts high-quality imported valves
3. Produced with advanced technology, excellent equipment and feasible quality assurance system
4. Standard ISO container locks and frame make the tube skid easy to be transported.
5. The CNG tube trailer achieves optimized working pressure and has maximum road load capacity.

Technical Parameters (DOT Standard CNG Tube Skid)

Structure Form 4-4-4 4-4 4-2 4-4-3
Cylinder Quantity 12 8 6 11
Nominal Operating Pressure (MPa) 20 20 16.6 20
Volume (m3) 27.96 18 13.8 18.15
CNG Weight (kg) - 3255 2133 3284
CNG Volume (Nm3) - 4540 2945 4580
Cylinder Specification (OD×L×T) mm Φ559×10975×12.8 Φ559×10975×16.5 Φ559×10975×13.7 Φ559×8235×16.5
Cylinder Material 4145 4130X 4130X 4130X
Total Weight (kg) 28870 24690 16258 25650
Overall Dimensions of Frame
(L×W×H) (mm)
12192×2438×2035 12192×2438×1435 12192×2438×1435 9125×2438×1960
Remark 40ft 40ft 40ft 30ft

Technical Parameters (ISO11120 Standard CNG Tube Skid)

Structure Form 4-4 4-4-2
Cylinder Quantity 8 10
Water Volume (M3) 17.84 22.2
Nominal Operating Pressure (MPa) 25 25
CNG Weight (kg) 3804 4840
CNG Volume (Nm3) 5306 6750
Cylinder Specification (OD×L×T) (mm) Φ559×10975×17.3 Φ559×10975×17.3
Cylinder Material 4130X 4130X
Total Weight (kg) 25650 31250
Overall Dimensions of Frame
(L×W×H) (mm)
12192×2438×1435 12192×2438×1960
Remark CNG tube skids of other sizes are available as per requirement.

Enric can provide CNG tube trailer and tube skids conforming to the ISO standard or the DOT standard. The tube trailers and skids we offer have passed the certification of BV, TC, ABS, KGS, and TPED. They are also in accordance with the international standard for container dimensions.

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