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CNG Tube Trailer For Sale


Panda Mech is a cng tube trailers manufacturer from China. We supply all various models of theGas Tube Trailer for sale. We can customize the Cng Tube Skid according to your needs.


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What is a CNG tube trailer

CNG is a special mobile pressure vessel for storing and transporting compressed gas such as air, hydrogen and natural gas. CNG tube trailers are mainly used to transport CNG.


Cng tube semi trailers images


Gas tube trailer specification

Cng Tube Skid manufacturer Panda Mech
CNG tube trailers capacity 23.58m3
Cng Container Trailer weight 40000 KG
size 12290×2480×3190 mm
Landing Gear JOST 28T
Suspension Mechanical suspension, Air suspension
Brake System WABCO emergency valve
Axle 1 to 4 sets, 13,16,20 ton axles
Tire 12R22.5, 385/65R22.5, 13R22.5, 12.00R24, 315/80R22.5
King Pin JOST 2″ or 3.5 detachable type
Wheelbase 6900+1310+1310


Cng skid container trailer advantage

1. High safety performance: The bottle body has good plastic toughness, uniform acceptance, and reasonable stress distribution;

2. Good fatigue resistance: FEM is used for fatigue analysis and design to ensure equipment fatigue resistance;

3. There are safety relief devices at both ends of the bottle body. In case of abnormal working conditions such as overpressure and fire, the safety relief device works automatically to ensure the safety of property and personnel.


CNG application:

The application of CNG is mainly used for automobile fuel and city gas. CNG automobile has relatively fast development, low emission, main component is formaldehyde, stable in nature, relatively safe combustion, and low price, so the development is very fast.

CNG gas supply has the characteristics of simple technology, short construction period, low investment, and low operating cost. It is suitable for the surrounding areas of large cities that are close to the gas source or that the long-distance pipeline reaches, and for the residents of towns or counties with small gas consumption. For gas or small and medium industrial users, it has high application value.


CNG tube trailer for sale:

CNG tube trailer price: CNG tube trailer cost depends on specifications.

Panda Mech is a CNG trailer manufacturer from China. We supply  CNG transport trailers for sale. We can customize it according to your needs.

Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc… More about panda


We offer a wide range of Gas Tube Trailer with different specifications and different capacities and electric engines.

If you need a quote about CNG tube trailers, please send an email to, our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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