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Our products

A smart solution for managing international shipments

Track is primarily designed to
support the administration related to international shipping tasks.
Supporting of freight forwarding processes, receiving complete and part load orders and tracking of goods are well working functions in the program.

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Transparent warehouse management

The LogiStock warehouse IT software supports the registry of a wide range of goods (food, components, etc.), handles diverse withdrawal strategies and works through online barcode readers as well.

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Automatic groupage shipment

GroupBy is optimised to manage transportation tasks between collection points and handle all related administrative obligations (warehousing, customs clearance, automatic pricing, invoicing).

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Additional modules

Managing domestic freight distribution tasks

The Distribution module supports mass management of distribution tasks on a clear, easy-to-use organizer interface. The tasks can be monitored during the whole process - from fixing to billing.

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Portal solutions for real time communication in the supply chain

We developed various portal solutions for diverse tasks from shipment bookings to cost analyzing. These solutions allow you and your partners to access all the information needed with the use of a web browser.

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Online barcode reader

RFStock is a software made for online barcode readers. Thanks to its connection with the warehousing software, it provides useful and up-to-date data to the ones managing goods. It facilitates the processes of incoming and outgoing goods, and the drawing up of inventories.

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Take advantage of the potential of our logistics solutions!

Reliable logistics processes

Accessible and transparent data, as well as diverse data queries provide a stable background for everyday work and executive decisions.

State-of-the-art technology

Prepared to the expectations of Industry 4.0, our applications, cloud-based services and easily integrable systems offer solutions to the current economic challenges.

Solutions tailored to your needs

The modular structure of our softwares and flexible development possibilities make sure that you use a software, which is fully correspondent to your requirements.

Collective platforms

We create collective platforms for your colleagues and clients to reach efficient and real time communication.

Your success is our goal

We aim to build up a long term partnership, therefore we are happy to find a solution to any problem arising with the help of our on-call IT service and professional consultants.

Choose our logistics software solutions and get ahead of the competition!



37 200 HUF
  • 1200 orders/year
  • Maximum of 3 users
  • Freight organization
  • Cost registration by freights
  • Invoicing by assignments
  • Order registration
  • Statistical data
  • Managing unique needs
40 000 HUF
  • 1200 stock movement/year
  • Maximum of 2 users
  • Automatic document generation
  • Stock and traffic statement
  • Recording stock movements inside the warehouse
  • Multi-level stock registration
  • Stock management
  • Managing unique needs
37 200 HUF
  • 1200 order/year
  • Maximum of 3 users
  • Automatic cost calculation
  • Warehouse registration at collection points
  • Interface for supporting connections
  • Invoicing by assignments
  • Statistical data
  • Managing unique needs

The amounts shown are net charges that apply to the basic service packages. In case of special needs, we will prepare your personalized offer!

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