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TMS (Transportation Management System) Our TMS (Transportation Management System) strongly supports you in carrying your business forward by carrying your goods. Smart Delivery ® Smart Delivery® is the industry’s first custom-tailored delivery service that solves a wide variety of delivery-related issues, depending on customer needs. Global Logistics We offer comprehensive support for the whole process, including physical distribution from plants and suppliers outside Japan to local storage facilities, distribution processing, international transportation, customs clearance, warehouse operation, and transportation in Japan. Reverse Logistics Our one-stop reverse logistics services cover the return of products you have manufactured and/or sold, product returns for repair, and mandatory/voluntary product recalls. We offer these services with a wide range of value-added services, including call center setup and operation and refunding. 3PL (Third-party Logistics) In synergy with Sagawa Express’ group companies, our consultants offer one-stop 3PL services that combine the group’s nationwide transportation network with the storage and distribution processing services. Cold Chain Perishable foods and some medicine need to be kept cold during transportation. We deliver them with strict temperature control in cooperation with Nichirei’s cold facilities and our group companies. Facility Management In addition to supporting the management of physical distribution at commercial facilities, we centrally control people, goods, vehicles, and information. Making the most of the facility’s value, we offer services that also contribute to the environmental friendliness, safety, and security of the local community. Consulting Utilizing our expertise and know-how, we diagnose your physical distribution from various angles and propose improvements in terms of business locations, methods of transportation, delivery, storage, and more. We even support you to improve your business. Medical Logistics We create an environment for physical distribution with facilities, vehicles, and materials suitable for transporting and storing medicine and biological samples, and make a proposal accordingly.

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