Logistics Software Solutions & Supply Chain Software

SPEC INDIA has been delivering robust and comprehensive Supply Chain Software Solutions & Logistics Solutions to some of the leading companies globally. With the Shipping industry playing a key role in the global economy, the need of the hour is a robust and comprehensive Supply-chain-management software that can help organizations in this domain streamline, manage and execute operations swiftly, smoothly, and efficiently. Our supply chain management IT solutions aim to assist organizations to overcome most of the following industry challenges faced today:

  • Higher turnaround time for analysis and reporting
  • Scattered and non-standardized historical data across the organization
  • Real-time reports unavailable, especially on mobile devices
  • Visibility on cargo planning
  • Tracking & Status update till the last mile
  • Documentation on-demand with full eService support
  • Outdated/expensive data transmission systems for tracking information regarding weight and dimension details of cargo

Fleet Management System ERP (Ocean & Air Freight)

This dynamic solution is used for management of end-to-end business workflows of shipping and fleet industry. The Custom Fleet ERP solution follows WorldWide Alliance (WWA) standards and seamlessly integrates with legacy Warehouse Management Application and Accounting Systems. This robust and comprehensive solution has been successfully implemented by some of the leading shipping companies globally.

  • Flexible reporting system
  • Vessel management
  • 3rd party integration
  • Freight forwarding
  • Barcode scanning for inventory tracking
  • International rates management
  • Shipment tracking
  • Cargo planning
  • Multifaceted templates
  • Shipment/Cargo loading
  • Logistics Service Provider (LSP) registration

Warehouse Management

An integrated Warehouse Management app, completely integrated with the Fleet ERP system. It ensures online updating of the ERP system, automated and hassle-free cargo handling processes with real-time access of back-office fleet ERP system.

  • Cargo management
  • Warehouse & Inventory management
  • Lot information
  • Receiving cargo into the warehouse
  • Updating location of cargo
  • Info regarding loading cargo

Travel & Fleet Analytics

BI Analytics Solution to help organizations improve travel and fleet turn-around time for analysis and reporting with standardized data across organizations. It also provides predictive maintenance of fleet and detailed insights on organization performance KPI through historical data.This solution provides an insightful view of the entire information flow resulting into enhanced decision making and risk assessment.

  • Exhaustive BI & Analytics dashboard
  • Volume Spending Analysis
  • Dashboard/Reports on mobile and multiple browsers
  • Member Performance
  • Performance Analytics
  • Exhaustive BI & Analytics dashboard related to Planned Vs Actual, Volume Vs Spend analysis
  • Member’s Performance scorecard

Enterprise Mobility For Supply Chain Management

Mobility enabled supply chain IT solutions for the enterprise to accurately monitor freight & fleet tracking to provide a high-end mobile experience. There is increased communication, inventory tracking and logistics.

  • Mobile tracking of orders
  • Auto-generated notifications, SMS, and emails
  • Tracking and notification services
  • Enterprise level mobile strategy to work with multiple platforms
  • Sustainable supply chain with mobility solutions

Logistics Service Booking & Scheduling

Expert logistics software development solutions to empower logistics service providers with robust and well-planned service booking and scheduling activities to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Peak management
  • Managed services
  • Variety of lease and contracts
  • Bulk bookings
  • Real-time tracking
  • Hassle free booking & scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

Logistics software assists businesses in integrating information, inventory, transportation, shipping, etc. It starts with the production process and involves almost all complicated processes till the consumption point.

A logistics management software, as an integral part of SCM, assists in planning, implementing, and controlling the flow and storage of materials, services, and goods from where it originates to the consumption point.

A reverse logistics software focuses on all business functionalities that pertain to the reuse of materials and products. It includes a systematic routing of orders in a reverse way, automating returns smoothly with a transparent mechanism to view it all.

A supply chain management software aims at automating and augmenting business operations like production/inventory/transportation/demand planning, sourcing of suppliers and relationships, and other supply chain functionalities.

Software supply chain attacks occur when there is a manipulation of code done by cyber criminals in software components. This leads to a compromise in the quality and data access for those who are utilizing them.

To mitigate software supply chain attacks, companies must implement efficient cybersecurity software, dedicate skilled resources for ensuring high-end security, consider security aspects right from the beginning of processes and conduct the regular third-party assessment.