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CSM is your skilled partner, working with you to plan individual product solutions. Specially developed raw material combinations and CSM's own enhancement technologies ensure better baking results. For example, we can help you create bakery aids that improve fresh-keeping, stability, softness and flavour.

It doesn't get any fresher

The new "soft and fresh generation with fc technology" is setting new standards when it comes to keeping bread fresh. Use the new freshness formula and achieve tangibly better results for your products!

fc technology:

Thanks to intensive research work and based on our raw material enhancement technology, we can adapt our anti-staling agents to your needs.

Super soft but still simple to slice

Our current sandwich bread improver ensures long-lasting softness. Optimised flow behaviour for your equipment – easy to cut, but still soft.

Declaration-friendly or clean label?

We can develop individual solutions customised to your needs – a wide range of options are available. Contact us!

Something to suit every taste

There's something to suit every taste, from sourdough and dough acidifiers to malt extract. There are also various products to extend product shelf life.