Better cutting, simpler dissolving, a shining appearance!

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Boeson-Trennwax® and Trennol® incorporate all of CSM's know-how, ensuring smooth production, top product quality and shining results. CSM solutions for your individual requirements.

Simple dissolving: our release agents

Ideal for all types of bakery products and confectionery production when manufacturing hard and soft caramels, toffees, chewy sweets and pastilles.  Liquid, paste and solid release agents available.

Use for bakery products
Baking sheets, bread baking tins and cake moulds, Vienna cake bottom and sponge bottom moulds, steel band oven, pizza pans and trays, sheet cleaning machines 

Use for confectionery 
Extraction basin in sweets equipment, cooling table, cooling belts, transport basins, tapered rollers, tablet press 

Container type:  Canisters, casks, containers, aerosol cans or kegs, depending on the product.  Contact us. 

For a smooth process: our cutting oils

Non-resinous cutting and sliding oils for smooth machine operation under the highest loads.

Used for:  Dough hoppers, dough proportioners, cone-type bread rounders and bread slicers 

A shining appearance: our glazing agents

Makes wine gums, jelly and liquorice products look shiny and appetising.

Used for:  Glazing basins, oiling drums, dipping baths